Driving courses come packed with benefits. They often allow participants to keep points off their records, meet court orders, qualify for auto insurance, or simply become safer, better drivers. Students who enroll in online courses with Ticket School get even more benefits thanks to the added flexibility and convenience of online courses. Yet some people […]

Regardless of age, getting a driver’s license is an exciting prospect that provides the new driver with added freedom. However, with this new freedom also comes new responsibilities. It is crucial that new drivers learn how to stay safe behind the wheel and how to protect themselves, their passengers, and others on the road from […]

Regardless of the subject matter being presented, one of the most important factors for properly retaining information is participant engagement. When it comes to driver improvement courses, good participant engagement is especially crucial because the information presented can help avoid costly, dangerous crashes and even potentially save lives. Yet for busy, tired, or stressed individuals […]

These days everyone is trying to save money and fortunately online driving courses with Ticket School are a great option to do precisely that. In many cases our online driving courses can save you money compared to taking the same course in a traditional classroom setting. In other cases taking a driving course can help […]