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Smart App for car owners and parents for monitoring

Obtaining a driver’s license is a rite of passage for many teenagers, marking an exciting step towards independence. However, with the increase in distracted driving incidents and the natural inexperience of new drivers, many parents are understandably concerned about their teen’s safety on the road. Thankfully, technology offers a solution. Several mobile apps are designed […]

truck driving through rain on east coast

Driving in rigorous weather conditions, such as severe storms, can be extremely challenging and dangerous. It’s essential to prioritize safety and take necessary precautions to protect yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle. At Ticket School, we understand the importance of safe driving practices, especially during adverse weather conditions. We’ll provide you with valuable tips and […]


As drivers, we all share the responsibility to drive safely around school buses and obey the laws that enforce school bus safety. School buses are the safest way for more than 20 million students to get to school each day, but this depends on the cooperation and care of all the other drivers on the […]


Wondering how to choose the right defensive driving course? These easy steps to finding the right online defensive driving course will steer you in the right direction based on your needs and the state you drive in. With over 32 million traffic stops by officers in the US each year, where available, many drivers are […]


Are there flashing lights in your rearview mirror? When law enforcement pulls up behind you and gives you the signal to pull over, here’s how to handle yourself during the traffic stop. Nearly every driver has been pulled over for a traffic violation, but we all wonder how to handle a traffic stop for the […]

Young man at home using laptop with driving school website on the screen

Driving safety is crucial everywhere, but especially in a state as great as Texas, with so many miles of backroad, major highways, and busy interstates. There are many benefits of taking a Texas online defensive driving course, including earning an insurance discount or having a ticket dismissed. All Texas drivers need excellent defensive driving skills […]

Texas defensive driving course

The Texas Defensive Driving course is loaded with benefits for Texas drivers, and Ticket School has developed a 100% online version of the Texas Defensive Driving course. Here’s why you should take our course online. You Can Get Your Ticket Dismissed Getting a traffic ticket is an unpleasant process for Texas drivers and brings with […]


Being stopped for speeding can lead to panic. The source of the panic is typically the stress of knowing that you are about to have some associated costs (ticket cost, possible insurance rate increases, etc.).  If you haven’t ever received a ticket, or it has been a number of years, you may not realize that […]