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Restrictions on cell phone use while driving are becoming the norm across the United States. Almost all states have laws on cell phone restrictions while driving, primarily targeting talking on handheld devices and texting. Many states are also ramping up enforcement of these laws based on the documented dangers of distracted driving. The extent of […]


Part of defensive driving is preparedness.  Part of preparedness is having the right items in your vehicle when roadside emergencies happen to help you get back on the road safely or shelter in your vehicle while you wait for assistance. While driver improvement and defensive driving courses teach essential skills to avoid accidents, you might […]


One essential driving skill is learning how to drive in the rain. Water on the road changes the physics of driving, making tires lose traction and stopping more difficult. Heavy rain, snow, and fog make it difficult to see other vehicles or obstacles in time to avoid a collision. These tips for driving in heavy […]

From basic driver improvement to learner’s permit tests and defensive driving, offers a full range of driving courses 100% online! There are many reasons to take an online driving course at While most of our courses can help reduce auto insurance premiums and keep points off your record, some state-approved courses can even […]


Online defensive driving courses have exploded in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic, and not just for health reasons. From learning on your schedule to avoiding costly commutes, taking a state-approved course online is a great way to save time and money. Online or not, however, there are plenty of reasons to take a defensive driving […]