First-time drivers need to know a lot of things before they get their driver’s license. Some of these things are practical, like knowing how to merge, how to check your mirrors and how to parallel park. Others, though, are more safety oriented—like understanding the dangers of driving while impaired or intoxicated. The state of Florida […]

What Is a 4-Hour Drug and Alcohol Course in Florida? Before a person can obtain a driver license or learner’s license, if they have never held a driving license previously, they must successfully pass a 4-hour drug and alcohol course in Florida. You might have heard of this course being called the TLSAE (Traffic Law […]

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The state of Florida requires all first-time drivers to pass a drug and alcohol course or Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course before getting their license. This applies to both teen drivers and adults getting their license for the first time. offers the Florida drug and alcohol test online. The full content of […]

Insurance Reduction Course

As if auto insurance costs aren’t high enough, your premium will likely increase if you are issued a traffic ticket or are involved in a car crash. The penalties are stiff, but there is a simple solution. That is the New York Internet Point Insurance Reduction Program or IPIRP. Reducing the penalties for points on […]