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Do you have a drug or alcohol related offense in the state of Texas? Were you required to take a state-approved alcohol awareness or drug awareness program? If so, you might have been referred to take a Texas Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program (DADAP) to meet that requirement. DADAP is referenced in 106.115 of […]

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According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, roads and highways saw a 7.2 percent increase in traffic fatalities during the COVID-19 pandemic. While it may seem like staying at home would lead to less traffic and fewer accidents, many reckless drivers are using newly empty roads to drive more dangerously than usual. Thankfully, there’s still […]


While most drivers take a defensive driving course to dismiss tickets and points, there are many more benefits than most realize. In fact, even drivers without previous traffic offenses take defensive driving courses to capitalize on these extra benefits. But are they worth taking any entire course? Ticket dismissal and point reduction are the primary […]

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If you live in Texas, taking a state-approved defensive driving course from Ticket School is a great idea. From ticket dismissal to insurance discounts, such a course offers a wide range of benefits. Yet many people ask “How often can you take a defensive driving course?” Texas state law permits drivers to take defensive driving […]