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At® we understand and value the importance of maintaining the security and privacy of our customer’s personal information; therefore we have created this page to provide a comprehensive overview of our privacy policy. It is important to note that each online course that we offer has its own set of unique requirements based upon the rules set forth by the corresponding state authority that approves it. This page will explain the manner in which we gather private information, how this information is used, and the security measures that we have set in place to protect it.

Information Collection & Use

To register for a course, a user must provide some general information via secure web forms that may be used for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. To meet state identity validation requirements.
  2. To process / report a user’s course completion to the proper authority.
  3. To identify the correct account for customer support.
  4. To communicate with the user about and their account.

The general information that we obtain for these purposes may include but is not limited to the user’s full name, address (mailing and email), date of birth, and driver’s license number. agrees to utilize student provided information in the course solely for the purposes of tracking student progress, validating student identity, or to process a course completion. Information collected by during this process will not be resold or disseminated to third parties without the express written consent of the student with the sole exception of specific requests by governmental agencies and other regulatory authorities.

Use of Information for Identity Validation

Depending on a specific state’s identity validation rules for a particular course, may require the user to provide answers to a number of general questions during the course registration process (ex. What is your favorite color?). stores the answers to these questions to match the answers given to the same questions during the course in the method required by that course to ensure the integrity of the course taking process. only knows the answers provided, and uses them for no other purpose than to meet a state’s identity validation requirements.

If a state licensing agency has identity validation rules that require it, may ask questions during a course that specifically pertain to the driver’s license and/or license plate number provided by the user. does not use the answers to these questions for any purpose other than to validate the identity of the user.

Online Transactions

Financial information (such as a credit card number) that is collected on is used strictly for the purpose of processing the user’s course fee and/or any other applicable upgrades chosen. To ensure the security of our users, after a successful payment is made on our site, only stores the card type, the last 4 digits of the card, and the expiration date. does this to fully protect our course users from any concerns of fraudulent charges, stolen information, or any possibility of dissemination to third parties. Our payment pages are also secured by EV SSL (secure socket layer) encryption to provide the most secure online transaction technologically possible.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are temporary bits of data that are temporarily stored on a user’s device by to activate certain features of the interactive courses. While a user is online and logged in to a course these cookies ensure that their progress throughout is saved correctly and free of interruptions. The cookies used by are restricted to course activity only and cannot track any other activity on a user’s device. By default, most web browsers are automatically set to accept third party cookies; however users can configure their browser settings to accept or deny cookies. However, to properly use a course a user’s browser must be set to accept third party and session cookies. Please use the help area on the site for instructions on doing so.

Use of IP Addresses

A user’s device or network IP address is the number that is assigned by their internet service provider for use when accessing the internet. will log the IP address of any device when they successfully log into a course. This logging is used for troubleshooting and course administration purposes only.

Amendments to Privacy Policy

This page describes the current practices with respect to the information collected from site users to take one of our online courses. This information may change as we revise our services in the future.

This Privacy Policy may be amended by without notice. Please review this page for any future amendments. Continued use of this website constitutes your understanding and acceptance of the amendment(s).