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The Florida Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) Course is a four-hour driver improvement course consisting of six units. The course is designed to teach Florida drivers defensive driving concepts. Ticket School’s BDI course is offered 100% online and is comprised of video content, animations, graphics, and text. Our Florida BDI course is fully state approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) and will teach you important defensive driving principles that will help you stay safe behind the wheel, including Attitude States, which we believe to be a critical.

Why Take the Florida BDI Course?

The Florida BDI course may be taken voluntarily or ordered by a Florida court, or by the DHSMV. People often choose to take the course voluntarily in order to prevent points from being assessed to their driving records, thereby causing insurance rate increases. Florida law (§626.9541[1][o][12],F.S.) states the specifics on why drivers who have received a moving violation and have the option to elect to take a Florida BDI course to keep points off their records choose to do so. The law states:

No insurer shall impose or request an additional premium, cancel a policy, or issue a nonrenewal notice on any insurance policy or contract because of any traffic infraction when adjudication has been withheld and no points have been assessed pursuant to s. 318.14(9) and (10). However, this subparagraph does not apply to traffic infractions involving accidents in which the insurer has incurred a loss due to the fault of the insured.

Drivers are thus ineligible if they were at fault in a collision. Furthermore, drivers are only eligible to take the Florida BDI for this benefit once every 12 months or five times total over the course of their lifetimes.

In addition to taking the course to fulfill a court-ordered or DHSMV ordered responsibility or to prevent insurance rates from rising, some Florida residents choose to take the Florida BDI course in order to qualify for an auto insurance discount. This option has nothing to do with a ticket. If you are taking the course for this reason please be sure to check with your insurer first to confirm that they offer this discount.

Taking the Florida BDI Course with Ticket School

As stated above the Florida Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) Course is designed to be a four-hour driver improvement course with a focus on defensive driving and safe driving techniques. However, course participants are able to work at their own pace and while it is not possible to complete the course in under four hours, participants may take as long as they need or want as long as they have completed the course by any court or state applicable due dates.

Ticket School’s Florida BDI course is offered completely online and is compatible with any internet-connected device including desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets. After registering for the course customers will be given a login code that they can then use to login and logout as often as they like. Course progress is automatically saved and synced across all devices.

The BDI course consists of six units. There is no final exam, but there are short unit quizzes after each unit. .

Completing the Florida BDI Course

Once you have completed the Florida BDI course you will be sent a Completion Certificate for the course. Ticket School will report your satisfactory completion to the State of Florida; however, most drivers will also need to turn in their signed, original completion certificates to the clerk of the court for whichever county issued their ticket or ordered their course.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your completion is reported to the appropriate authority on or before your appointed due date.

After passing the last unit quiz and successfully completing the Florida BDI course you will be prompted to choose your certificate delivery method. Including expedited upgrade options.. You may select free delivery via US mail or you may choose expedited delivery, including an option to receive an electronic PDF copy of your certificate via email.

For further questions about the Florida BDI course please visit our FAQs page.