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What Is a Hardship License in Florida Infographic

A hardship license in Florida is a restricted driver’s license that allows individuals with suspended or revoked licenses to drive under certain circumstances. This type of license is typically granted to individuals with suspended licenses who need to go to work, take kids to school, or have other necessary obligations where they need to drive.

A FL hardship license is a limited driver’s license with restrictions on where the person can drive and when. The two general types of hardship licenses are employment purposes and business purposes.

Who Is Eligible for a FL Hardship License?

Eligibility for a Florida hardship license typically depends on the specific circumstances surrounding the suspension or revocation of your regular driver’s license. Common reasons for being eligible for a hardship license include DUI convictions, excessive traffic violations, failure to pay child support, and other legal obligations.

To determine your eligibility for a hardship license in Florida, you will need to contact a Florida Administrative Review office.  They can also assist with scheduling your hardship hearing as well as determine if you need to enroll and/or complete the 12-hour Florida Advanced Driver Improvement Course (ADI) or the DUI program prior.

Benefits of a FL Hardship License

Obtaining a hardship license in Florida has several benefits. A hardship license allows individuals with suspended or revoked licenses to legally drive for specific purposes, such as work or school. It also helps drivers avoid additional penalties since they are not driving on a suspended or revoked license.

Another benefit of FL hardship licenses is that they allow people to maintain employment and provide financial support for themselves and their families. People can also meet certain personal obligations as allowed by their hardship license restrictions, such as attending court hearings, completing community service, or attending court-ordered programs.

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What Is a Hardship License in Florida Infographic