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Learners permit test

In order to start the process of getting your Florida learner’s permit, you must: Be between 15 years and 17 years of age. Pass vision and hearing tests. Complete a drug and alcohol course (TLSAE). Provide the documents required. Pass the learner’s permit test. These are the steps to follow to secure permission to drive […]


Changing weather conditions pose a danger to new drivers who have not had time to develop defensive driving habits that include changing how they stop a vehicle. Experienced drivers might have driving habits that put them at a disadvantage when the road conditions suddenly change beneath their tires. These tips on how to stop in […]

How to park a car properly feature image

If you are a new driver, learning how to park properly can be one of the biggest challenges in passing a road test. But even if you have been driving for years, there might be tips and tricks to help you with parking in new kinds of parking structures and defensive driving strategies for entering […]

Car and traffic cones, driving school concept.

Taking a Texas defensive driving course online is a convenient option. With an internet connection, you can meet state requirements and learn how to drive safely using engaging interactive materials. At Ticket School, we have available a 100% online defensive driving class. These are some of its benefits: Lower Your Insurance Costs Depending on your […]