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Heading out on an individual adventure or family road trip is a great way to explore on a flexible schedule and budget. Not every adventure is planned for, however, and it pays to know how to prepare for a road trip you will truly enjoy. These tips can help you be prepared for wherever the highway may lead you.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Travel

Preparing your car for a road trip starts with making sure your vehicle is up to date on general maintenance and well stocked with comfort items and a vehicle emergency kit. Schedule an oil change if needed and ask your mechanic to do a general inspection. Check your tire inflation and fill up the gas tank before you head out.

Create a Road Trip Packing List

Create your own road trip checklist with the items you expect to need and supplies for the unexpected. Consider including:

  • A first aid kit, paper towels, and antibacterial wipes
  • Pillows, blankets, and umbrellas or rain gear
  • Charging cables and adapters for cell phones and electronics
  • Entertainment supplies like movies, books, crayons, crafts, and travel games
  • Snacks and frozen water bottles
  • Vehicle essentials like spare tire, air filters, and jumper cables

Choose a Destination

Some road trip essentials will depend on where you are headed. Decide how much time you want to spend and the destinations that interest you most. Before you hit the open road, research attractions, points of interest, and available gas stations and lodging along the way. Book lodging early for the best rates and options.

Plan Your Budget

Knowing the cost of lodging and how far you intend to travel on a long road trip, you can determine how much it will cost more accurately. Be sure to have extra funds or a credit card available for unexpected expenses and emergencies before hitting the road on your way to adventure.

Make Arrangements for Departure

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As you get prepared for a road trip, make sure that your home is secure, and that someone will be checking on pets, houseplants, and any other home care responsibilities. Don’t forget to clean out your refrigerator if you will be gone more than a few days, and leave a key with someone you trust.

Travel Safely and Rest Often

As you head out on your long road trip, follow all traffic regulations, drive defensively, and plan for regular rest stops of at least 15–20 minutes every two to three hours. Do not plan to drive more than eight hours per day. Download all the apps and tools that will help you arrive safely, and pack a paper map just in case you are out of the range of data service.

Learn How to Prepare for Road Trips and Drive Safely

Feeling confident and well prepared behind the wheel is key to enjoying your time on the open road and taking longer road trips with friends and family. One of the best things you can do to prepare for long car trips and your daily commute is to take a driver improvement or defensive driving course online with Ticket School.

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