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Restrictions on cell phone use while driving are becoming the norm across the United States. Almost all states have laws on cell phone restrictions while driving, primarily targeting talking on handheld devices and texting. Many states are also ramping up enforcement of these laws based on the documented dangers of distracted driving. The extent of […]

the driver fell asleep at the wheel of a car, lack of sleep and fatigue

There were far too many car accidents and fatalities in Florida in 2021, and many of these accidents might have been prevented by avoiding the common bad driver habits of some Florida drivers. In a single year there were 3,733 fatalities and 401,501 reported car accidents on Florida highways.1 What are the worst driving habits […]


Wondering how to choose the right defensive driving course? These easy steps to finding the right online defensive driving course will steer you in the right direction based on your needs and the state you drive in. With over 32 million traffic stops by officers in the US each year, where available, many drivers are […]


Are there flashing lights in your rearview mirror? When law enforcement pulls up behind you and gives you the signal to pull over, here’s how to handle yourself during the traffic stop. Nearly every driver has been pulled over for a traffic violation, but we all wonder how to handle a traffic stop for the […]