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Part of defensive driving is preparedness.  Part of preparedness is having the right items in your vehicle when roadside emergencies happen to help you get back on the road safely or shelter in your vehicle while you wait for assistance. While driver improvement and defensive driving courses teach essential skills to avoid accidents, you might still find yourself stuck by the side of the road or needing to help another driver in a tight spot.

Using Ticket School’s car emergency kit checklist, you will be prepared to deal with unexpected emergency situations and common road hazards. The best car emergency kit contains items that will help:

  • Solve simple car problems like a flat tire or lost fluids
  • Free a vehicle that is stuck or has slid off the road
  • Provide basic first aid for minor injuries
  • Keep you and your passengers calm and comfortable

The skills and techniques taught in our defensive driving courses and traffic school courses can help you avoid common road hazards, drive safely in bad weather, mitigate the risks that reckless drivers place in your path, and even save money on car insurance in some cases. Ticket School online courses are available for drivers in Texas, Florida, Virginia, New York, Michigan, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Missouri.

In the event you do break down, it is recommended that you stay with your vehicle and call for roadside assistance. With the supplies on this car emergency kit checklist in easy reach, you can solve minor problems yourself and be comfortable and safe while you wait for professional assistance to arrive.

Car Emergency Kit Checklist Infographic

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