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One of the many reasons that people sign up for driving school is to save money on their car insurance. There are a number of ways that online defensive driving courses and drivers education can save you money. Some of these are in the form of direct discounts from car insurance companies, while others might surprise you.

What Are Driving School Discounts?

Many states have driving school requirements for new drivers, and complying with these requirements can lower car insurance rates as well. Older adults might qualify for safe driving discounts by completing driving school courses, and many auto insurance companies offer discounts for anyone who completes defensive driving classes and maintains a safe driving record.

Direct car insurance discounts start at about 5% and range as high as 20% for some qualified drivers. Your insurance agent will need to provide you with their offerings, which will be based on your age, where you live, and your driving record. Let’s explore each of these options, which will determine how much you can save on insurance with driving school courses.

What Is Taught in Driving School?

Many states now allow traffic and driving schools to offer online options for students. These classes include drivers education courses, safe driving classes, alcohol awareness, and defensive driving courses. Students in these classes learn:

  • The essential rules of the road
  • Best practices for difficult situations on the road
  • Traffic laws that might vary from state to state
  • Tactics for driving in bad weather or heavy traffic
  • How to lower stress and manage psychological factors while driving

Saving Money with Drivers Education

Young drivers are often eligible for a discount of about 10% on their car insurance rate for completing drivers education courses. Some insurance providers offer discounts to new drivers when they maintain a good GPA or take an additional defensive driving course in addition to what their state requires.

Driving school for a new or teen driver can help the whole family save when auto insurance is bundled. Defensive driving courses for all drivers on the policy might provide more discounts that can continue for up to three years, multiplying your savings over time.

When you consider that national studies suggest that drivers education and graduated drivers license programs reduce teen car accidents by 50%,1 the minor cost of driving school is a good investment that helps keep young drivers safer while avoiding the rate hikes that come with even minor car accidents.

Driving School Is Required in Some States

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Most states require driver education courses for drivers under the age of 18 or 21, and many require driving school for any new drivers, regardless of age. Thirty-two states require driving school in some form. Twenty-five states allow you to get a driving permit at a younger age, while others reduce the number of hours required behind the wheel or even waive driving tests after successful completion of an approved course.2

Some states allow online classes in combination with behind the wheel training. Some examples include:2

Florida Driving School

Florida requires a 4-hour Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course (TLSAE) for all new drivers before they can receive a learners license. Drivers are under license restrictions until they reach the age of 18. You can take the Florida Learner Permit Test online. Drivers can also take an Immediate Driver Improvement course to mitigate certain traffic violations or to lower their insurance costs with some providers.

Louisiana Driving School

Louisiana requires teen drivers 15 to 17 to complete a 30-hour driver education course and an 8-hour behind-the-wheel (BTW) course. A Louisiana Driver Improvement Course is available when a parish court allows ticket mitigation, and some car insurance companies offer a discount for taking this course voluntarily.

Michigan Driving School

Drivers under the age of 18 must complete 24 hours of drivers education classes, 6 hours of BTW, and 4 hours of BTW in a training vehicle. Drivers in Michigan may also be eligible to take a Basic Driver Improvement course to keep a traffic violation off their driving record to prevent car insurance premiums from rising.

Missouri Driving School

Missouri does not require classroom driver’s education, but teen drivers need to show they have received 40 hours of driving instruction, including 10 hours of night driving instruction with a parent, guardian, or driving instructor. Missouri also allows approved drivers to take a Driver Improvement Course to reduce points against their license and reduce the impact of a ticket on car insurance rates.

New York Driving School

New York requires a 5-hour Pre-Licensing Course for all new drivers, regardless of age, before they can schedule a road test for a driver’s license. This requirement can also be met with a drivers education class. NY drivers also may be eligible for auto insurance savings with a Point Insurance Reduction Program.

Tennessee Driving School

Tennessee does not require classroom driver’s education, but drivers under the age of 18 must show they have 50 hours of BTW supervised instruction to move from a learner’s permit to their road test. Some courts allow drivers to complete an online Drivers Education Course to restore points to their license after a traffic violation.

Texas Driving School

Texas allows drivers aged 14 to 17 to complete a 32-hour driver education course with 44 hours of BTW training for a provisional license, while new drivers aged 18 to 25 must complete 6 hours of adult drivers education. Online courses available in Texas include Defensive Driving, Drug & Alcohol Driving Awareness, and each may help lower insurance rates.

Virginia Driving School

To apply for a driver’s license in Virginia, drivers under the age of 18 must prove they completed a state-approved driver’s ed course and behind-the-wheel training concurrently. A court may order you to take a Virginia Driver Improvement course, and doing so voluntarily might earn you a safe driver discount from your car insurance company.

Safe Driver and Good Driver Discounts

Many car insurance companies offer discounts based on remaining accident free, or rewards for using a safe driving vehicle tracker or mobile phone app. These programs encourage better driving habits and can drastically reduce your premium.

Senior drivers over the age of 55 or 65, depending on the insurance carrier, may be eligible for significant discounts for completing defensive driving courses and remaining up to date on traffic laws and vehicle safety features. If you are over the age of 55, these courses can help you keep that safe driver discount by refreshing your skills and knowledge.

Enrolling in an Online Driving School

Many forms of education are moving to online formats, and driving school is no exception. The states listed above allow online Ticket School and driver education courses. To get the most out of your courses, check with your state and your insurance provider to make sure that the course meets their requirements for points reduction, licensing, and insurance discounts.

Ticket School was one of the first approved options for online defensive driving and other driving school courses. We have 35 years of experience helping people of all ages protect their driving records and earn the discounts they deserve. Register today for a state-approved HD video driving course and start reaping the money saving benefits of better driving!