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Restrictions on cell phone use while driving are becoming the norm across the United States. Almost all states have laws on cell phone restrictions while driving, primarily targeting talking on handheld devices and texting. Many states are also ramping up enforcement of these laws based on the documented dangers of distracted driving.

The extent of restrictions on cell phone use while driving varies by state. For example, nearly all states prohibit texting while driving (only Missouri and Montana allow it), but twenty states still allow the use of handheld devices. Penalties for getting caught breaking cell phone restrictions while driving can include citations, fines, license suspension, and higher insurance rates. Curious about the latest statistics in driving behavior when it comes to cell phone use, and how that relates to car accidents? Check out our graphic below.

What to Do If You Get Ticketed for Using a Cell Phone While Driving

If you do get a ticket for texting or using a handheld device while driving, some states allow you to keep points off your record and/or reduce fines if you complete a state-approved driver improvement course with Ticket School. These courses will improve your driving habits and keep you up to date on the changing laws in your state to help prevent future citations. Ticket School offers convenient online courses in Texas, Florida, Virginia, New York, Michigan, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Missouri.

Cell Phone Restrictions While Driving Infographic

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