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There were far too many car accidents and fatalities in Florida in 2021, and many of these accidents might have been prevented by avoiding the common bad driver habits of some Florida drivers. In a single year there were 3,733 fatalities and 401,501 reported car accidents on Florida highways.1 What are the worst driving habits that contribute to accidents on the road?

Impaired Driving or Driving Under the Influence

At least 6,261 car accidents in Florida in 2021 involved impaired driving. Drivers under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs have impaired judgment, limited depth perception, blurry vision, and slow reaction times. Nationwide, impaired or drunk driving is the cause of 40% of vehicle fatalities.2

Distracted Driving or Multi-Tasking

In the United States in 2020, 3,142 people were killed in accidents involving distracted driving.3 The most common habit that leads to distracted driving is looking at a phone, but other distractions include eating, adjusting music or entertainment systems, checking social media, and grooming while driving. Reading a single text can take your eyes off the road for five seconds, which is like driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed.

Drowsy Driving or Driving While Fatigued

Another bad driving habit in Florida that causes accidents is drowsy driving. If you get behind the wheel when you are tired, using a medication that makes you sleepy, or at a time of day when you would normally be sleeping, your driving can be affected. It is estimated that more than  6000 traffic fatalities each year involve drowsy driving.4 The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles experts say that if you have been awake for more than 24 hours, you should not drive.

Speeding or Driving Too Fast for Conditions

In 2020 there were 198 traffic fatalities in Florida caused by driving too fast for existing road conditions or exceeding the speed limit.1 The posted speed limit is the highest speed you can safely travel a road under ideal weather conditions. You can receive a ticket for speeding in Florida for driving too fast in bad conditions even if you are not exceeding the speed limit.

Failing to Follow Florida Traffic Laws

Florida drivers have an obligation to be aware of traffic laws and follow them. Some of the bad driving habits that stem from misunderstanding the rules of the road include failing to yield the right of way, failing to use turn signals, and passing or changing lanes improperly. In 2020 alone, 406 drivers in Florida died in crashes related to failure to yield.1 If you need a refresher on Florida traffic laws, you can take a state-approved Florida Traffic School course online.

Aggressive or Reckless Driving

Developing aggressive driving habits or recklessly disregarding the rules of the road lead to many accidents for which you might be held responsible. Personal injury and car accident lawyers can use evidence of reckless driving to hold drivers liable for damages or even fatalities that are caused by a driver’s disregard for the safety of others. Receiving a citation for reckless driving can put your Florida driver’s license at risk.

Improving Your Driving Habits in Florida

When you improve our driving habits and brush up on the latest Florida driving laws, you help create a safer driving environment and protect yourself from accidents, citations, and lawsuits. Learning to drive defensively is a powerful tool that will keep you safe on Florida highways and city streets.

Driving defensively means being proactive and alert behind the wheel and taking all reasonable steps to prevent accidents. The best Florida drivers are constantly changing their driving habits based on weather conditions, traffic, road construction, and the actions of other drivers and pedestrians.

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