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As drivers, we all share the responsibility to drive safely around school buses and obey the laws that enforce school bus safety. School buses are the safest way for more than 20 million students to get to school each day, but this depends on the cooperation and care of all the other drivers on the road.

It is not only important to stay up to date on the school bus laws in your state, but to practice alert defensive driving skills whenever a school bus is nearby. Check your surroundings and be on the lookout for passengers crossing suddenly or standing nearby when you are stopped, and before you start moving again. You can learn more about your state laws with an online course from Ticket School.

From the most basic law that spans the United States—which is stopping for a school bus with red lights flashing—to the most obscure laws regarding multiple lanes of traffic with and without dividers, the traffic laws about passing a school bus are one of the most important things to know.

How to Safely Drive Around School Buses Infographic

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