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Texas defensive driving course

The Texas Defensive Driving course is loaded with benefits for Texas drivers, and Ticket School has developed a 100% online version of the Texas Defensive Driving course. Here’s why you should take our course online.

You Can Get Your Ticket Dismissed

Getting a traffic ticket is an unpleasant process for Texas drivers and brings with it a number of issues. Knowing what to do next and communicating with the court to determine your options can be a hassle.  Paying for a ticket and letting it go on your record is always one of the options available, however in many cases can cause other issues.

Tickets that show up on your record can cause auto insurance rates to rise or your insurer may drop you altogether if they deem you’re a high risk. For that reason, it is typically advisable to try and keep a clean driving record by requesting to dismiss a ticket through the completion of a Texas driver safety course (a.k.a. Texas Defensive Driving course).

You Can Get Auto Insurance Discounts

The ability to dismiss a traffic ticket and prevent other costs are great benefits of taking the Texas Defensive Driving course. Because research shows that completing our state approved defensive driving course places you at lower risk of becoming involved in future crashes, many companies offer auto insurance discounts of up to 10%, for three years for taking it.

You’ll Learn How to Keep Your Passengers and Yourself Safe

Ticket School’s 100% online Defensive Driving course teaches you potentially life-saving strategies for staying safe behind the wheel. You’ll learn how mindset and driving habits impact your safety, and how to minimize crash risk.

You Can Complete Your Course Without Leaving Home

Ticket School’s Texas online Defensive Driving course allows you to get the same great course material and information without ever having to waste your time and money buying gas and sitting in traffic to get to defensive driving school.

The online course is also TDLR approved and, therefore, considered as valid as the offline version by Texas courts and insurance companies. Attending online also means being able to work on the course on your own schedule instead of having to add another commitment. Whenever you’re available, so is the course —24 hours a day, seven days a week!

You Can Take the Course on Any Device

The Texas Defensive Driving course is fully compatible with all internet-connected devices, making it easy to access whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

You’ll Never Be Bored

Our online course is anything but tedious; Ticket School’s Texas Defensive Driving course is packed with high-quality HD video and was designed to be easy-to-watch and engaging.

You Can Get Your Certificate of Completion Quickly

Course written on a keyboard

The course certificates of completion are emailed to you free of charge. We also offer an optional bundle service to order a certified 3A copy of your driving record, which many courts require.

We Care About Customer Satisfaction

Ticket School is committed to developing great courses for the lowest price and delivering the best customer service and satisfaction. Our U.S.-based customer support is always there to help with technical issues and questions.

We’re so confident that you’ll benefit from the course that we also offer a 90-day, money-back guarantee. So don’t wait; register for our Texas Defensive Driving course today!