Texas Driving Laws Infographic

Like many states, Texas has its fair share of wacky laws and this is no different when it comes to driving laws. Here are some of the most ridiculous driving laws and crazy ticket stories in Texas: It is illegal to drive without windshield wipers. You don’t need to have a windshield, but you must […]

5 Great Ways Online Driving Courses Help Texas Drivers

Driving safety is crucial everywhere, but especially in a state as populous as Texas with so many major highways and interstates crisscrossing it. Ticket School wants to help all Texas Drivers learn how to be safer and protect themselves and their passengers behind the wheel. That’s why we offer two great Texas driving courses: The […]

Safety and Savings with Online Texas Driving Courses

There are some great benefits to taking your Texas driving courses online. Not only are you learning valuable information to become a better driver, but you are also saving money. It is the perfect solution for keeping your wallet and everyone else on the road happy. Ticket School offers the online Texas driving courses you […]

Why Should I Take The Texas Defensive Driving Course

The Texas Defensive Driving course is loaded with an array of great benefits for Texas drivers. Ticket School has also carefully developed a 100% online version of the Texas Defensive Driving course that is packed with even more great perks and benefits. Drivers might decide to take the course for any of the following great […]