Teen Drivers-Special Considerations

Insuring teen drivers has changed dramatically with the advance of new technological distractions readily available behind the wheel. An accident prevention course can lay a solid foundation for staying safe driving. It’s not about impinging on the fun and excitement of this rite of passage for your child. It’s about understanding the responsibility of being […]

women putting on seatbelt

Defensive driving is all about avoiding unexpected dangers on the road. From bad weather to distracted drivers, there are all sorts of dangers that can lead to a crash. As a defensive driver, you can defend yourself against these threats by being cognizant of the road and knowing how to act quickly to avoid a […]

drive safely wooden sign post

Understanding the dangers of drugs and alcohol is an important topic, especially how these substances can impact your body whether you are behind the wheel of a vehicle or not.  This post is going to answer some of the more popular questions we get about our drug and alcohol awareness courses. Regardless of what brought […]