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Taking a Texas defensive driving course online is a convenient option. With an internet connection, you can meet state requirements and learn how to drive safely using engaging interactive materials. At Ticket School, we have available a 100% online defensive driving class. These are some of its benefits:

Lower Your Insurance Costs

Depending on your car insurance company, you may receive a discount of up to 10% for three years on your insurance premium. Data shows that taking a quality driver safety course decreases your chances of being in a crash; thus, there will be fewer losses to the insurance company. Many insurance carriers also see taking a course as a commitment to becoming a safer driver, so they reward you with a lower insurance bill that can mean more cash in your pocket.

Get Out of a Speeding Ticket

Taking a defensive driving course can get your traffic ticket dismissed. It therefore gives you the opportunity to keep a clean driving record, especially if you’re a first-time offender. Also, it can prevent some violations from adding points to your record in the first place. In Texas, each traffic ticket, moving violation, or other infraction adds points to your record and stays there for three years. Accumulating too many points carries additional penalties, so it is always advisable to keep a ticket from going on your record by taking a course if given the option.

Keep Points Off Your Driving Record

Your license may be suspended and/or your insurance rates may rise if you rack up too many points on your driving record. A copy of your driving record is often requested by your insurance provider when you renew your coverage so they can check for any changes. Your rates may dramatically increase if you receive tickets or are involved in accidents. Your coverage might be completely canceled if your carrier determines you to be a sufficiently high risk. Due to these factors, it is always advised to use the option for ticket dismissal (if the court provides you that choice) to complete a driver safety course (also known as a defensive driving course) in order to have the ticket and the points attached to it removed.

Improve Your Driving Skills

Besides the ticket dismissal and insurance discount benefit, taking a driver safety course teaches important driving skills such as planning ahead, avoiding distractions, and reacting to other drivers, as well as driving in bad weather. You can learn and refresh your memory on skills for handling these and more. Many of the same skills taught in driving school are covered, but taking an online defensive driving course can improve them and even teach you new skills. There’s nothing wrong with driving more safely.

Improve the Safety of You and Others

The driving techniques you learn and brush up on can prevent injuries and death. This improves not only your safety, but can protect your passengers and others on the road as well. During the course, you’ll learn potentially life-saving strategies. You’ll learn how to think and behave in ways that reduce the odds of being in an accident.

Flexibility and Convenience

Taking a defensive driving course online allows you to complete it on your own schedule. In Texas, a defensive driving course must be six hours long. Taking the course in a live format requires you to sit in a classroom, which doesn’t include the time and gas required to get there.

However, an online course can be accessed 24/7 from a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or any internet-connected device. You can work on it in the morning or afternoon or if you’re up late—even log in during your lunch break or during a snack. You can access the course any location that has a steady internet connection.

When you complete Ticket School’s defensive driving course online, your progress is saved at every step. Better yet, quizzes are provided at the end of the unit, so there is no final exam, which many find to be stressful.

Engaging Course Materials

Let’s be honest. Driver training information can be less than exciting. The way the information is presented is critically important to learning and remembering. The course isn’t just reading off  motor vehicle manuals and being forced to watch poorly produced, low-quality staged accident scenes. Ticket School has replaced these with modern course materials and scene scenarios via HD videos. They’re intended to be engaging and are produced in a way you’ll want to watch them.

Tailored to Your Needs

There are many defensive driving courses out there. However, Ticket School’s online course is designed to meet the needs for any driver that needs to complete a Texas-approved driver safety course (a.k.a. defensive driving course).

If you’ve received a ticket in Texas, it should tell you how to notify the court and determine if completing a course is one of your options. You typically must notify the course before a set date to let them know how you would like to take care of the ticket: 1. Pay it and let it (and the points) go on your record. 2. Take a defensive driving course to dismiss the ticket. Once you have notified the court, you’ll then receive information on court fees, your eligibility, and the deadline for turning in your course completion certificate.

Quickly Receive Your Certificate of Completion

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Court deadlines can approach fast, and we know many drivers have no choice but to wait until the last minute. At Ticket School, we deliver your certificate of completion via email, once you successfully complete the course. This eliminates having to wait for it to arrive in your mailbox.

Sign Up for Ticket School’s Defensive Driving Course Today

When you sign up for our defensive driving course online, know that you are registering with a state-approved (TDLR licensed) course provider who offers the course at the lowest price. We include a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you need assistance, U.S.-based support is available to address any technical issues or answer any questions. To get started, go to Ticket School and register today!