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Effective January 1st, 2019 CS/HB 7087  goes into effect for Florida drivers.  The bill says drivers who choose to take a Florida traffic school online (aka Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI) course for a ticket will get a reduction in their fine.  This fine reduction benefit was removed a number of years back.  The bill was signed by the Governor in 2018.  The fine reduction was actually much higher in years past.  At one point the reduction amount was as high as 18%.  While the return of this benefit only reached half of it’s previous amount, it still goes a long way in saving drivers money.  The hope is that this will encourage drivers to take a course which in turn makes the roads a safer place across Florida.

Bill Text

Those interested in reading the full bill can go to  The bill is quite lengthy, as it covers a number of other topics.  The portion particular to the new traffic school benefit begins on line 2367.

Benefits of Traffic School Online in Florida

Taking a traffic school course in Florida provides drivers with a number of benefits. The first being that it keeps points from being added to a driver’s record.  The other main benefit is that it may allow the driver to get an auto insurance discount.  Now as of January 1st, 2018 drivers will also see a reduction in the fine amount by 9%.  So what happens if a driver elects to take a course, pays the lower fine, and then fails to complete the course? The court can then impose a fine up to $18.00 and then assess the points assigned to the infraction(s).

If you decide that taking an online Florida traffic school course is your best option, go to and register today for a easy to use and convenient state approved course option.