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If you’re going to drive in the state of New York, you may want to know about its point system. This system applies points to your driver’s license each time you commit a traffic violation.

The number of points you accrue depends on the type and severity of the traffic violation. Something like a failure to make a complete stop at a stop sign might only be worth three points. Going 21 to 30 miles per hour over the speed limit, on the other hand, can get you six points.

If you have racked up a few points recently you should consider taking a New York defensive driving course also known as an Internet Point & Insurance Reduction Program, or IPIRP. This course has many benefits, from masking up to four points from your driving record to reducing the cost of your auto insurance.

Want to know more about the most common violations and their point costs? Read the following infographic. You will not only get more information about these violations, but you’ll also learn how an IPIRP can and cannot help you.

Infographic: Common Driving Points and Violations in New York