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From lush tropical scenery to world-class amusement parks and thriving nightlife, there’s plenty worth rushing around for in Florida. Unfortunately, many Florida drivers find themselves getting a speeding or traffic ticket as a result!

While you can’t get a speeding ticket dismissed in Florida without contesting it in court, you typically still have the option of avoiding the points on your record for the ticket by taking a Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course. Read on to learn more about Florida traffic tickets and how a BDI course can help you avoid suspensions and other penalties.

What Happens When You Get a Speeding Ticket in Florida?

Getting a speeding ticket can result in hefty fines, extra points on your record, and even license suspensions and criminal charges. While fines and penalties depend on the severity of the traffic or speeding offense and your driving record at the time of the citation, one thing is always the same: Speeding tickets are expensive and time-consuming.

Speeding tickets are especially bad news for drivers who’ve already accumulated points on their record. After a certain number of points, the state of Florida can suspend your license for a certain period of time. While some suspended drivers can get by with a Florida hardship license, it’s best to avoid suspension altogether.

While safe driving is the best way to avoid points and suspensions, what can you do if you get a new speeding ticket? Thankfully, you can still get a speeding ticket dismissed in Florida, including the fines and points that come with it.

How Do You Get a Speeding Ticket Dismissed in Florida?

The only way to dismiss a Florida speeding ticket is to contest it in court. However, if avoiding points is more important than avoiding a fine, you can have the points dismissed by taking a Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course.

Contest the Ticket in Court

The best (and only) way to completely dismiss a Florida traffic ticket is to contest it in court. Doing so isn’t always easy, however—and it can even be a little risky.

By choosing to contest the ticket in court, you’ll have to pay extra court and attorney fees, as well as assume the risk of being proven guilty. That could mean additional fines and permanent points on your record. Contesting a ticket in court will also make you ineligible to dismiss points by taking a BDI course.

However, if you feel you have a strong case, it may be worth contesting. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Schedule a court hearing by calling or writing to your local traffic court or clerk. Generally, you’ll need to provide a citation number, your mailing address, and a phone number. Refer to your ticket for exact instructions.
  2. Hire a ticket attorney to increase your chances of winning in court. While you don’t need to hire an attorney, they can help prepare your case in your favor. Just remember that hiring an attorney may cost substantially more than the ticket itself!
  3. Prepare your case by gathering any evidence, witnesses, and facts that you can find surrounding the violation.
  4. Attend your court hearing and testify if desired. The clerk will talk with the officer who cited you and your ticket attorney (if you hired one).
  5. Be found guilty or not guilty by a clerk judge. If the judge finds you not guilty, you’re good to go: Simply fill out some paperwork and everything will be dismissed, including any fines or points. If you’re found guilty, however, you’ll need to pay the fine in addition to any court and attorney fees you’ve incurred, in addition to keeping the points on your driving record.
  6. Verify your driving record: Whether guilty or not guilty, it’s important to verify the changes on your driving record. Remember, too many points can result in a license suspension!

Take a Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course

While you can dismiss a ticket by contesting it, the court and attorney fees are often higher than the cost of the ticket itself—and, if you’re found guilty, you’ll also have to pay the ticket fee and assume the points.

As a result, it’s usually better to take a BDI course instead of going through the expense and inconvenience of traffic court. While you’ll still have to pay the ticket fee, it’s a small price for avoiding extra points and a potential license suspension.

Taking a BDI course can also benefit drivers in other ways, such as fulfilling court orders of the DMV for certain traffic violations. Even non-offenders can benefit by taking the course to reduce their insurance premiums.

In any case, taking a BDI course has never been easier. With many state-approved courses available entirely online, it’s now possible to reduce points, fulfill court orders, reduce insurance premiums, and reap all the other benefits of BDI courses, all from the comfort of home.

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