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If your driving privileges have been suspended or revoked in the State of Florida, you may be eligible to apply for a Florida hardship license that will allow you to drive for specific purposes like work or school. There are guidelines you must follow to apply for a hardship license in Florida, and not everyone will qualify.

Are You Eligible for a Hardship License in Florida?

In many cases where your license was revoked or suspended, you might qualify for a Florida hardship license by completing a driver improvement course and paying the required fees. In general you probably qualify if your driver’s license is suspended in Florida due to:

  • Too many traffic violations and points on your driving record
  • A first DUI conviction
  • Having three auto accidents within three years

Typically, you cannot obtain a hardship license if your driving privileges have been suspended or revoked for non-traffic related reasons like these:

  • Past due child support payments
  • Missed a court hearing or have unpaid fines
  • Are convicted of certain drug offenses while operating a motor vehicle
  • Have a second DUI or refused a breathalyzer more than once
  • Do not submit required test results such as vision testing

Types of Florida Hardship Licenses

After a license suspension, Florida drivers can usually apply for one of these types of limited driver licenses:

  • Hardship Business License. This type of hardship license will let you drive to and from work, to and from school, and to the grocery store, the doctor’s office, church, and various locations to do your job. It is called a “business” hardship license since it allows you to take care of your personal business and essential needs.
  • Hardship Employment License. This hardship license allows you to drive to and from work only. You cannot drive at any other time—just to work and home. If you are found driving for any other reason, your hardship license can be revoked.

How to Get a Florida Hardship License

You can apply for a hardship driver’s license by following this process and receiving approval from the State of Florida:

  • Register for the required 12-hour Florida ADI course (Advanced Driver Improvement) or DUI school (substance abuse course).
  • Complete the required application from the DHSMV (Dept of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles).
  • Pay any required criminal defense fines, court fees, and reinstatement costs.
  • Attend your scheduled hearing at the administrative review office.
  • Provide completion certificates or proof of enrollment in the required courses to your hearing officer.
  • If your application is approved by the review board, take the approval paperwork to your local DMV office to receive your hardship license.

How Much Will a Florida Hardship License Cost?

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You will need to pay the required fees and costs associated with your suspension or revocation to receive your hardship license. There may be a waiting period to apply if you have a second DUI or are designated as a Habitual Traffic Offender.

Costs will vary depending on your situation but may include:

  • The cost of your ADI or DUI course, which Ticket School offers for $63 and $29, respectively
  • Hearing fees of $12
  • Administrative fees, which can be as high as $130 for a DUI offense
  • Reinstatement fees of $45 for a suspended license or $75 for a revoked license

Enroll in a Florida ADI Course Online

You can enroll in a state-approved 12-hour Florida ADI course with Ticket School to meet these hardship license requirements. We also offer a Florida TLSAE Drug and Alcohol course if needed. You can complete these courses entirely online to get your hardship license as quickly and inexpensively as possible. It is important to verify with the DHSMV prior to scheduling your hardship hearing if you need to complete the 12 hour ADI or the DUI course and if you need to have just enrolled or complete the course at the time of your hearing.

To enroll in our state-approved Florida driver improvement courses, including basic, intermediate, or ADI driving school online, register today.