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If you are a new driver, learning how to park properly can be one of the biggest challenges in passing a road test. But even if you have been driving for years, there might be tips and tricks to help you with parking in new kinds of parking structures and defensive driving strategies for entering and exiting a crowded parking area.

Ticket School’s How to Park a Car Properly guide below will help you master the finer points of parallel parking, angled parking, perpendicular parking, and reverse perpendicular parking (backing in). Practicing these skills will boost your confidence behind the wheel and help you park with expert technique wherever you find a parking space. This quick guide is a great way to get familiar with these 4 different parking techniques.

You can also learn other defensive driving strategies and techniques outside of how to park like an expert with a quick and easy online driver improvement course from Ticket School. Not only will you improve your driving skills and knowledge, you might even save money on your car insurance or improve your driving record with a state-approved online driving course. Enroll online today or contact us for more information.

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