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Changing weather conditions pose a danger to new drivers who have not had time to develop defensive driving habits that include changing how they stop a vehicle. Experienced drivers might have driving habits that put them at a disadvantage when the road conditions suddenly change beneath their tires.

These tips on how to stop in different weather conditions can help you brush up your defensive driving skills and help you avoid an accident caused by following too close or a ticket for driving too fast for conditions. While you might be familiar with the 2-second rule, this basic guideline changes drastically when roads are wet, snow packed, or icy.

What is a safe following distance during bad weather, and what defensive driving techniques can help drivers change their driving habits as the weather changes? This visual guide from Ticket School will shine a light on how to stop in different weather conditions and stay safe when the sun won’t shine.

For more information and easy online classes in driver improvement, visit Ticket School for state-approved online defensive driving courses that can hone your skills and even earn you insurance discounts or point reductions. Ticket School offers new and experienced drivers engaging courses that will help you understand how to stop in bad weather and protect yourself from those who can’t stop in time.

How to Safely Stop in Different Weather Infographic

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