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Gearing up to get your license? Before you know it, you’ll be saying goodbye to begging for rides, waiting around for friends and family, and doling out gas money to fill someone else’s tank!

Before you can pack up and hit the open road, however, you’ll have to pass your Florida learner’s permit test. With 50 questions that cover the road signs and road rules of Florida driving, you’ll need to study hard to make sure you are prepared to pass (getting an 80%—40 correct answers before you get 11 wrong).

Thankfully, the internet has made it easy to study for and pass your exam. Read on to learn more about the Florida learner’s permit test, or register online now to get started if you are ready to go.

1. You can take it online.

Once upon a time, taking your permit test meant having to deal with the headache of the local DMV—and then having to take the exam in a stuffy, uncomfortable classroom.

Thankfully, these days are long behind us. Today’s drivers can now take the entire 50-question permit test entirely online from the comfort of their own home—or from a coffee shop, a friend’s house, and just about anywhere else that has a secure internet connection.

Please note that Florida law requires a parent or guardian to proctor the exam. In addition to their proctoring duties, your parent or guardian will also be required to sign a sworn statement attesting that they supervised the exam and that you received no assistance. A little stressful, we know, but it’s the law!

2. You’re eligible starting at 14.5 years old.

Now that you know you can take the Florida learner’s permit test at home in your pajamas (should you choose to—and why wouldn’t you?), you need to figure out whether you’re eligible to take it.

While the test must be completed by the time you’re 18, you’re eligible to take the test once you turn 14.5 (fourteen and a half). Age isn’t the only eligibility requirement: You must also provide your name, date of birth, and social security number or an alternative form of acceptable identification.

In addition to your Florida learner’s permit test, you’ll also need to complete and pass a Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course before the state can grant you your permit. If you haven’t yet taken the TLSAE course, don’t worry: You can also take this course 100% online from Ticket School.

3. Passing your test gives you privileges.

If you score at least 80% on the 50-question Florida learner’s permit test and have also completed the TLSAE course, congratulations! You’re not only eligible for a learner’s license, but you’ve also learned some extremely valuable safe driving skills.

Getting your learner’s permit also means you can start working toward your learner’s license. However, you’ll need to pass a driving test and also have your vision and hearing tested.

Once you have your learner’s license, you can start driving—albeit with a few stipulations. Per Florida state law, you’ll need to have a licensed driver over the age of 21 present in the front seat of your vehicle, and you’ll only be able to drive at certain times of day. After a certain amount of time, however, these stipulations will be lifted and you’ll be able to get your full-fledged driver’s license!

In the meantime, be sure to rely on the knowledge you gained while studying for the test whenever you’re behind the wheel.

4. Failing your test isn’t the end of the road.

Unfortunately, not everyone passes their Florida learner’s permit test on their first try—and that’s okay! Thankfully, it’s possible to retake the test.

If you do fail, you’ll probably want to review the road sign and road rule information that you learned in driver education class or by studying the Florida Driver Handbook to prepare as much as possible. This review won’t just improve the chances of your passing, but also help ensure the safety of you and other drivers.

While you can retake the test as many times as you need, you can only take the online test three times. After that, you’ll need to take the test the old-fashioned way: at the local DMV. All the more reason to study hard!

5. You may be selected to take it again in person.

Even if you take your Florida learner’s permit test online and pass with flying colors, there’s still a very small chance that you’ll be flagged to take the test again in person.

As this selection is done entirely at random, there isn’t anything you can do to avoid getting picked for in-person testing. Thankfully, this only happens to a minority of students. The intent of random testing is to minimize any fraudulent online test-taking procedures, making it an important tool for ensuring that no one abuses the system.

Online or not, studying hard for your Florida learner’s permit test is critical to ensure that you pass your test and engage in safe driving behaviors. Dedicating the time to really mastering the material is your best chance at not only successfully passing the test, but also staying safe on Florida roadways.

6. Taking your exam is easy with Ticket School.

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With access to the 100% online test from any device 24/7, taking and passing your Florida learner’s permit test has never been easier. Whether you’re busy with school, sports, or any other activity, with Ticket School you can access the exam anytime, day or night. As long as you have access to the internet, you can load the test.

Keep in mind that once you start the test you must complete it (pass or fail). There is no logging in and out of the exam once you begin. After passing your test, you’ll instantly receive a notification alerting you to the result. If you pass, your completion will show up in the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle system.

Not a Florida driver? Not a problem! Ticket School also offers state-approved online driving courses for drivers in Texas, Virginia, New York, Michigan, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Missouri.

Ready to get on the road? Enroll in a course online today at Ticket School or call us at (800) 558-9887 with any questions.