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Drivers are surrounded by more distractions than they might think—even when they’re not on their cell phones!

There’s nothing more important than keeping your eyes on the road; at highway speeds, being distracted for only five seconds is equivalent to driving an entire football field blindfolded! To make matters worse, many of the biggest driving distractions are things people don’t always expect.

Unsurprisingly, cell phones and in-car technology are the biggest distractions that drivers face: In 2018, 13 percent of all distracted driving fatalities were linked to cell phone use. Combined with the increasingly cell phone-like interfaces of in-car control panels, it’s crucial to avoid using any technology apart from your steering wheel.

Children and pets are also major distractions. While it’s tempting to tend to an excited pet or crying child, even a momentary distraction could put them (and you!) in danger. Rubbernecking is similarly distracting, where drivers might instinctively turn their heads or “rubberneck” when passing by a car accident, billboard, or some other distraction.

Being tired or hungry can also lead to deadly driving. Hungry drivers might be tempted to eat and drink while driving, whereas tired drivers may doze off or start to daydream. In any case, and no matter the distraction, driving requires our full attention to ensure a safe journey for everyone.

To learn more about major driving distractions and easy ways to avoid them, check out the infographic below or visit Ticket School to fine-tune your driving skills with one of our many online driving courses.

7 Major Driving Distractions and How to Avoid Them Infographic

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