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Distracted driving isn’t just about missing your turn. It can have serious, sometimes fatal consequences. Anything that takes your attention from the road can put you at risk. It has become a major focus that any traffic school will emphasize in its training.

It isn’t limited to just texting. Distracted driving could mean anything from eating to talking, to being sleepy. Unfortunately, the problem and its impacts are growing. It’s no mystery why that is happening, given the increasing use of smartphones. It only adds to the many causes.

When you try to multi-task, you are slower to react because your attention is divided. You may fail to brake in time if the car in front of you suddenly stops.

Young drivers are at the greatest risk of fatalities. A surprising number of people don’t realize the danger of distractions while driving, but thousands of individuals are either injured or killed each year because of it. Every day, distracted driving impacts hundreds of individual lives.

Yet, on any given day, hundreds of thousands of drivers use cell phones while underway. Even if you’re operating your vehicle safely, there’s still a risk that others are engaging in activities that could lead to an accident. The answer is better education.

Getting the issue under control begins with increasing awareness because it doesn’t just mean an increased chance of injury. There are also legal and potential health consequences that carry lingering effects that can affect your quality of life. The statistics speak for themselves.

The infographic below contains some sobering facts that will make you think twice about sending that text or grabbing lunch on the road. It includes:

  • The Numbers
  • Types of Distracted Drivers
  • The Law
  • The Consequences

Ticket School online classes can help those who have received tickets because of distracted driving. Our team can help you get your life back on track and reduce the legal repercussions by offering affordable and convenient state-approved driving safety courses.

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Distracted Driving Infographic

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