ADI Second Chance

The Florida Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) Course is a 12-hour course aimed toward helping Florida drivers with a history of driving violations learn to recognize and change their unsafe driving behaviors. While taking a 12-hour driver improvement course may seem daunting on the surface, this course should be viewed more as a second chance than as a punishment. Let’s take a look at the situations in which someone may need to take the Florida ADI course and the opportunities it offers.

HTOs and Florida Hardship Licenses

Drivers who have been classified as Habitual Traffic Offenders (HTO) are subject to having their driver licenses revoked for five years. This can take a major toll on the person’s life and may make it difficult for them to earn a living. Fortunately, after one year from the time of receiving the HTO classification, individuals can apply for a Florida Hardship License that will enable them to drive to and from work, but still prohibit them from driving for all other purposes. In order to be eligible for a Florida Hardship License the person must enroll in a Florida Advanced Driver Improvement course and submit a copy of their enrollment letter as proof along with their hardship license application. Thus a Florida ADI course is a crucial step toward getting the second chance that the Florida Hardship License provides.

Suspended or Revoked Driver Licenses

Even drivers who have not been classified as Habitual Traffic Offenders by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) may still have their driver licenses suspended or revoked for too many traffic violations or for serious traffic violations. In such cases, before the person is eligible to have their driver license reinstated they must take a Florida Advanced Driver Improvement course.

Judge- or Court-Ordered ADI Attendance

Sometimes a Florida judge or court may order a repeat or major traffic offender to take the Florida ADI course. Failure to complete the course as directed by the judge or court within the specified deadline will result in the loss of the person’s driver license. It is thus important to realize that taking the Florida ADI course is an alternative to losing your driver license. The Florida ADI course provides an important option to judges and courts that allows serious driving concerns and safety issues to be addressed while still keeping the violator’s driver license intact.

A Second Chance for Safety

However, perhaps the most important way that the Florida Advanced Driver Improvement course offers a second chance to repeat traffic offenders is by providing them with a second chance for safety. Serious and habitual traffic offenses of the kind that can result in ADI attendance could also easily result in serious injury or even fatalities if left unaddressed. Rather than being viewed as a punitive action, mandatory ADI courses should be seen as a way to correct dangerous driving behaviors before you, your passengers, or other motorists get hurt.

Ticket School’s Florida Advanced Driver Improvement course is fully approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) and is accepted by all Florida courts. The course is packed with interactive video and animations, supported by a US-based customer service team, and comes with money-back and lowest-price guarantees. Register today and receive an immediate printable copy of your enrollment letter for use with a Florida Hardship License application.