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Texas drivers have many options when it comes to taking a defensive driving course whether it be for a ticket, to reduce their insurance costs, or just to improve their driving skills. You can take in-person courses, DVD-based ones, or a TX online defensive driving course. With each one, you can learn how to make safe decisions, reduce risks, and anticipate challenging driving situations; the lessons also cover proper maneuvering and help evaluate traffic environments. Many options are available— one is the Texas state-approved Texas defensive driving course that we offer at

The benefits, in addition to learning how to drive more safely, including having a traffic ticket dismissed, keeping points off one’s driving record, and/or earning a reduction in an auto insurance premium. Passing the course in some instances may also be part of getting a suspended driver’s license reinstated.

Many people have questions when enrolling in our online defensive driving in TX course. Here are answers to the top 5 questions we get on a daily basis from prospective customers to help them better understand what Ticket School offers.

Vehicle Collision

Is There One Texas Defensive Driving Course?

There is not one universal course. In fact, each course is unique to every online course provider. Every provider develops their own text, images, and animations. The topics included are state-required and the length of the course is mandated at six hours, but that is where the similarities end. As a state-approved course provider, we follow the content, enrollment, and certification guidelines of the state regulatory agency for all defensive driving companies (the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation). It behooves you to select the Texas online defensive driving course that you feel most comfortable with and who is most engaging to you.


What Is the Best Price/Am I Getting the Best Deal?

The cost depends on the traffic school you choose. However, Texas state law forbids a school from offering a course for under $25, which is how most course providers structure their pricing. Ticket School offers the lowest price allowed by law at $25 and includes a free emailed certificate at that price, so you know you are getting the best deal available.


Do I Have to Do It All in One Sitting?

All Texas approved online defensive driving courses offer the benefits you need when it comes to handling your ticket.  One of the other main benefits to taking our course online is the flexibility it provides.. Our online program provides you with a login code, which allows you to log in and out of the online course as many times as needed—it’s also available 24/7. There’s no timeframe for finishing the course, as long as you finish in time to get your certificate in hand and to the court. Progress is automatically saved; when you go back to the course, it starts at the unit/page you left off.


When Will I Get the Certificate?

Not all online course providers are the same when it comes to customer service and rapid certificate processing.  We process certificates multiple times during each business day (Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM CST, excluding holidays) depending on the delivery method chosen.  We offer a free emailed certificate by default, or you can choose US mail (should be received in 3-5 business days) or and Express option (2 business day or overnight) for an additional fee during the registration process.


Do You Send It Directly to the Court?

No. We send each course completion certificate to the person who passes it, not to the court. It is your responsibility to submit proof of completion and passing before a judge or follow other court-mandated procedures.  Any state-approved course provider that says differently is not telling you the truth.

Well Prepared Drivers can Smile in Adverse Driving Conditions
Ticket School offers the most intuitive and affordable platforms for completing TX defensive driving classes. To enroll in our course for online defensive driving in Texas, register with us online or call 1-800-558-9887.