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Fast Track The Florida Driver's Handbook


The Florida Driver’s Handbook gives you everything you need to know to get a state driver’s license. It’s essential to understand all of your obligations to operate a vehicle safely. It’s not limited to the rules of the road.

This infographic from the Ticket School explains both the basics and the details about driving legally in the state of Florida. It includes vehicle requirements, the specifics of safe driving, and the meanings of traffic controls on the road—but that’s only part of the story.

It also means understanding the bad driving habits and your duties for road sharing and emergency situations. After all, a safe driver is one who pays attention to the changing conditions and responds appropriately.

Driving a vehicle is a serious responsibility. Things like texting and tailgating are not only illegal but also dangerous for anyone on the road or nearby, including pedestrians.

The Ticket School can help you get a driver’s license in Florida by guiding you through the maze of legal obligations that operating a vehicle entails. Mastering this information will not only help you pass the exam, it’ll make you a safer driver.

Get the facts. Download your free copy of the Florida Driver’s Handbook today. Read it. Know it. Drive safely.

Florida Driver's Handbook Infographic