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When was the last time you updated your driving skills? If you’re anything like most drivers, you’ve basically been on autopilot since you got your license. With a Missouri driver improvement course, you can dramatically improve your understanding of local driving laws, while also enjoying a whole host of other benefits. Available online, state-approved defensive driving courses are easily accessible — the eight-hour program can even be completed from your mobile device.

Still not sure if it’s worth your while to sign up for a Missouri defensive driving course online? Below, we highlight the top four advantages of defensive driving programs:

Driver Record Point Reduction

If you’ve received a traffic ticket, you’re well aware of the implications additional points could hold for your driving record. It’s in your best interest to make every effort to reduce your point total. This will minimize your risk of suffering license suspension later on. If you’ve already pled guilty and paid your ticket, you may be eligible to take a defensive driving course, which could allow you to avoid the assessment of points. In such cases, attendance is completely voluntary — you can choose to take the course in hopes of avoiding points on your record.

Satisfying Court Orders

Missouri judges often provide driver improvement courses as an option for avoiding harsher penalties. If your participation in the course is prompted by the state’s court, time is of the essence; be sure to complete the program within 60 days of your conviction to enjoy the full benefits of this option.

Gaining an Edge at Work

If your job involves regular driving, your employer wants to know that you are thoroughly familiar with the rules of the road in Missouri — and capable of following through on that knowledge as you hit the road. Many local employers encourage — or even mandate — participation in driver improvement programs as a condition of employment. Even if not required, participation in a Missouri driver improvement program could prove valuable, as it demonstrates that you take both your career and the safety of others seriously.

Scoring Discounts on Driver’s Insurance

If nothing else, it’s worth participating in a driver improvement program for the sake of your wallet. Many auto insurance providers offer generous discounts to drivers who successfully complete a defensive driving course online. Depending on the insurer, discounts could total up to ten percent over the course of a three-year policy period.

From reduced points to auto insurance discounts, reasons for participating in driver improvement courses abound. Ultimately, however, it’s all about learning how to drive defensively in the interest of keeping local roads safe.

No matter your reasons for taking a Missouri driver improvement course, you’ll find a convenient and comprehensive solution with Ticket School. To learn more about our defensive driving courses, contact us or call 1-800-558-9887 today.