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Learners permit test

In order to start the process of getting your Florida learner’s permit, you must:

  • Be between 15 years and 17 years of age.
  • Pass vision and hearing tests.
  • Complete a drug and alcohol course (TLSAE).
  • Provide the documents required.
  • Pass the learner’s permit test.

These are the steps to follow to secure permission to drive with adult supervision in the state of Florida. All must be completed to obtain a learner’s permit.

Step 1: Hearing and Vision Tests

Any hearing or vision device needed to pass the tests will be noted on learners’ licenses as restrictions. Failed tests can be retaken with different hearing devices or stronger eyewear.

Step 2. Take Your TLSAE Course Online

Florida requires all first-time drivers, regardless of age, to have completed a traffic law and substance abuse education (TLSAE) course, also called the Drug, Alcohol and Traffic Awareness (DATA) course. It is four hours in length.

Step 3: Study the Florida Driver’s Handbook

The Florida Driver’s Handbook is the study guide for all drivers in Florida that need to learn the laws and rules of the road.  The handbook will cover all of the information that will be tested in the Class E Knowledge exam.You can also take a practice test online.

Step 4: Take Your Class E Knowledge Exam Online

You can take the Class E Knowledge Exam or written permit exam entirely online or in person at a FLHSMV location. The online permit test is only available to new drivers under the age of 18.  Prospective drivers 18 or over should apply for the Class E driver’s license.

Participants must answer 50 multiple-choice questions about Florida traffic controls, traffic laws, and safe driving practices. In order to pass the exam, you must get 40 or more correct answers.

Step 5: Gather Required Documentation

After passing your TLSAE course and learner’s permit test, you are ready to head to the FLHSMV to get your learner’s permit. You will need to bring along specific documentation required by the state:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of Social Security number
  • Proof of residential address
  • FLHSMV parent proctoring form
  • FLHSMV parental consent form

The FLHSMV website contains additional information on the required documentation to bring with you.

What Can You Do with a Florida Learner’s Permit?

African learner driver holding her driver's license

Initially, you are limited on where, when, and how you can drive with a learner’s permit in Florida. During the first three months, you can only drive during the daytime. At the start of the fourth month, you can drive at night, but not past 10 p.m. You must hold your learner’s permit for 12 months before applying for a driver’s license in Florida.

You must be accompanied by a licensed driver that is 21 years of age or older. This person can be a parent, legal guardian, sibling, aunt, or uncle, etc. You must drive with your learner’s permit for one year before you can apply to get your driver’s license.

Additionally, you must meet a minimum of 50 hours of driving time with at least 10 hours of nighttime driving. Furthermore, you cannot have any moving violations for one year from the date of license issuance.

Getting your Florida learner’s permit is simple when you complete courses and tests online through Ticket School. It’s easy to get started; visit our site today!