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Drug and Alcohol Course Without Leaving Your Home

These days just about everyone is overbooked and struggling to fit more time into their schedules, which can make completing the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course in a traditional classroom setting very challenging. For example, teenagers who are coming to the age where they are first eligible for a driver license usually have school commitments […]

Texas Driving Laws Infographic

Like many states, Texas has its fair share of wacky laws and this is no different when it comes to driving laws. Here are some of the most ridiculous driving laws and crazy ticket stories in Texas: It is illegal to drive without windshield wipers. You don’t need to have a windshield, but you must […]

HTO Legal Requirements

At Ticket School we provide a comprehensive range of driving related courses and tests to our Florida customers. Some courses such as the Florida Drug and Alcohol course (TLSAE) and the Florida Learner’s Permit Test are primarily taken by new drivers; whereas our Florida Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course is a great option for experienced […]

Man using tablet

Ticket School is proud to offer top quality, affordable, DHSMV-approved, driving courses to Florida drivers. One popular course that we offer is our 8-Hour Traffic School Program. This course is accepted by all Florida counties and is designed for traffic offenders ranging from aggressive drivers to drivers who have a suspended license or multiple traffic […]

BDI Convenient

Here at Ticket School we are aware that many of our customers lead very busy, hectic lives. Indeed for most people the biggest obstacle to completing a defensive driving or driver safety course is simply finding the time to do it. That is why we are committed to providing high quality, affordable driving courses that […]

Taking and Completing the Florida ADI

The Florida Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) Course from Ticket School is a convenient, Florida DHSMV-approved course that can be completed to help Florida drivers who have suspended or revoked driver licenses get their licenses reinstated or to meet the requirements of a judge- or court-order for a 12-hour driver improvement course. The ADI course we […]

Enrollment Letter Is So Important

Customers who sign up for the Florida Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) course online will notice that after completing their online registration, they can download their electronic enrollment letter right away. If you are unfamiliar with the ADI course and the application process for a Florida Hardship License you may be curious about why the enrollment […]