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Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program with Ticket School

Whether you are looking to lower your automobile insurance premiums or are looking to fulfill a court-ordered requirement based on a past drug- or alcohol-related offense, taking the Texas Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program (DADAP) via a state approved online format is a viable and efficient option. Fortunately, one such online program has surfaced that is receiving rave reviews from students and state officials alike. To say that the program is quickly outshining conventional classes is an understatement. The following are six big reasons to take the Ticket School DADAP course. For additional info please visit our Texas DADAP benefits page.

1. The Texas DADAP Is 100 Percent Online and 100 Percent Convenient

DADAP is a six-hour course on alcohol and drug awareness, that is offered 100% online via any internet-connected device. From the beginning of the course to its very end, you can successfully complete the program from the convenience of your own home. Not only that, but the course gives the user full control to log in and out of the course as needed. It can be started and stopped at any time. Whether you want to spend 10 minutes, an hour, or even several hours on the course at any given time, the amount of time you spend on it is in your control. The course is also available 24 hours a day seven days a week, making for very efficient use of your time.

2. Ticket School’s Texas DADAP Is Mobile Compatible so You Can Go Anywhere

In addition to being available on your desktop or laptop computer, the Ticket School online DADAP course is mobile compatible. That means that you can take the course anywhere there is an Internet connection using any device, whether it’s your iPhone, Android, iPad, or other type of tablet. If you’re the type of person who prefers to work at coffee shops or whose busy schedule only allows for fitting the course in piecemeal, as you can, this is a very handy option.

3. Ticket School’s Texas DADAP Features Interactive and Engaging Content

There’s no reason that online instruction has to be one-dimensional or boring. The online DADAP course features high definition videos that grab the viewer’s attention and keep them focused on the topic at hand. In addition to being visually stimulating, the content of the online program is also engaging for the viewer and offers thought-provoking instruction in an easily understandable format. Course participation exercises are also interspersed throughout the course to keep you focused and to reinforce the information. The result is an effective program for virtually all types of course students, young and old alike.

4. You Get a Money-Back Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the online DADAP course, Ticket School offers a full money-back guarantee within 90 days from the date of registration of the course to anyone that hasn’t completed. On top of the already very affordable and economical price of taking the online DADAP course, this added guarantee is particularly advantageous to those on a budget.

5. Our DADAP Course Comes with US-Based Customer Support

Most people have experienced the frustration of making a customer service call, only to be shuffled around between outsourced, third-party individuals with only a very basic or cursory knowledge of the product or service they are representing. By contrast the online DADAP course from Ticket School offers a toll-free number that is staffed with US-based representatives who are knowledgeable about the program and committed to providing a seamless customer service experience. Our website also features frequently asked questions as a quick reference for basic problem-solving needs.

6. You Get Speedy Delivery of Your Certificate Every Time

Upon successful completion of the online DADAP course, all individuals receive a course completion certificate. For those who are taking the course to fulfill a state or court-ordered requirement, receiving the certificate in a timely fashion is of utmost importance. Therefore, certificates are sent out promptly via US mail and are typically received three-to-five business days following the completion of the course. For individuals who need the certificate faster than that, we also offer express delivery options. Like the actual course itself, shipping information—including any upgrades—can be processed quickly and conveniently online.

Regardless of your reasons for taking the Ticket School online DADAP course—whether it is to receive a discount on your automobile insurance or to fulfill a court-ordered awareness program requirement—Ticket School’s DADAP course offers a myriad of benefits to Texas citizens who are interested. From convenience to a quality product and services to cost-effectiveness, our online Texas DADAP is an efficient way to gain knowledge about the negative effects of drug and alcohol.