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Online Texas Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is a crucial way to alleviate traffic, reduce the risk of costly crashes, and most importantly save lives despite what the road conditions are like or what other drivers are doing. That is why courses like the Texas Defensive Driving course exist to teach these important driving skills and habits. Likewise, because the course makes drivers safer, many insurance companies offer discounts for completing the course and in some cases drivers with tickets can take the course to get them dismissed. While in the past these courses were offered in conventional classroom settings, today’s drivers have the option of taking the Texas Defensive Driving Course online. Let’s look at some of the benefits this offers.

The Online Texas Defensive Driving Course Is Convenient

Typically taking a defensive driving course is an option to satisfy the court handling your ticket, whereby a ticket (and the points associated with it) won’t go onto your driving record. Also you pay a court fee instead of the full fine amount. However, just because you aren’t paying the full fine payment doesn’t mean the course should be inconvenient and a burden to complete. Taking the Texas Defensive Driving Course online with Ticket School is fast and convenient.

Another benefit associated with it being entirely online is that you get to set the schedule. You can sign in and out of the course as needed. Do you have kids or work full time? No worries. Take the course when it fits into your schedule not at a set time each week. With the online defensive driving course at Ticket School you get to take the course when it is convenient for you!

Not only do you get to actually do the course according to your own schedule, but you can finish it at your own pace. Every page has a minimum amount of time you must spend which is set by the state, but if you need more time, you have that option. Everyone learns at different speeds, and with an online course you can stick to the speed that is best for you.

Ticket School’s Texas Defensive Driving Course Is User Friendly

The ability to set your own schedule and your own pace improves the chances of a positive, successful experience with the Texas Defensive Driving Course. The level of user friendliness also helps the success rate. Ticket School’s Texas Defensive Driving Course doesn’t have a final exam. Instead, there is short multiple choice quiz at the end of each unit. You get three tries to achieve a passing score (70%) and if needed you can go back into the unit before the next attempt. This helps relieve any anxiety that you won’t pass.

The course is also user friendly thanks to the design of our website and the high quality customer support we offer. The website is designed with the user in mind, which means that it is intuitive and easy to use. The course even includes high definition videos and high quality animation to further illustrate key points and make it easier for those taking the course to accurately retain information.

Ticket School’s Texas Defensive Driving Course Has a Money-Back Guarantee

Finally, the online Texas Defensive Driving Course from Ticket School is a smart choice because it is guaranteed. This means that if you haven’t passed the course and are unsatisfied with it for any reason you have 90-days to request a full refund. Ticket School is so confident in our courses that we know you will find them useful and beneficial. Find out for yourself why Ticket School is the smart choice for your online Texas Defensive Driving Course needs.