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Driving safety is crucial everywhere, but especially in a state as populous as Texas with so many major highways and interstates crisscrossing it. Ticket School wants to help all Texas Drivers learn how to be safer and protect themselves and their passengers behind the wheel. That’s why we offer two great Texas driving courses: The Texas Defensive Driving Course and the Texas Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program (DADAP). Let’s take a look at 5 great ways online courses can benefit Texas drivers.

Work at Your Own Pace

When you take a class in a physical classroom, you need to be there for the time specified. Naturally, you are going to have a life outside of your course, and something could come up that prevents you from reaching your class. With the online system, you can take the Texas DADAP or Defensive Driving Course whenever it is most convenient for you. This allows you to complete your course around your work schedule and any extra responsibilities you have. Additionally, if you start feeling a little burned out and need to take a break, you can relax whenever you want. This allows you to come back to the course material when your mind is free of clutter and you’re ready to learn.

24/7 Access

Not everyone is going to have the same work schedule, so going to a physical location might not work with the specific timetable you have. Being able to take your Texas DADAP or Defensive Driving Course from your computer means that you can work on it any time you want, regardless of your schedule or other time commitments. Ticket School makes taking your Texas driving course easy and convenient.

Work From Multiple Devices

In today’s technologically savvy age, you are no longer confined to working at just a desktop computer at your home. You can take your laptop to a library, park or café and work from there. To make carrying your electronic devices easier, you can work from a tablet. You can also take your Texas defensive driving course from your smartphone. Even if you only have 10 minutes to work on something — for example on a break at work or while waiting for the bus — you can simply take out your phone and take care of some work.

Fully Approved by the State of Texas

Ticket School’s Texas courses are all fully approved by the state. This means that all Texas drivers can safely take advantage of the benefits the DADAP or Defensive Driving Course offers without having to worry about whether or not their course will be recognized. With this system, everyone gets the same great driving education.

Get Your Certificate Conveniently

Once you complete your online Texas course, you will be sent a certificate of completion via your chosen shipping method. Ticket School now offers email delivery of your certificate free of charge.  We also offer paper certificate options if needed for an additional charge.  Express delivery options such as 2 business day, overnight, and priority overnight are also available. Getting your certificate as quickly as possible via your chosen delivery method is crucial since many customers need to turn in the original copy of the certificate before a court or other agency deadline.

As you can see, there are plenty of great benefits to taking your Texas DADAP or Defensive Driving Course online with Ticket School. We want to ensure that all Texas drivers have access to high quality, informative courses with great support and full mobile compatibility. Our US-based customer support team is also on hand to address any concerns or answer any questions.