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DADAP Not Just an Alcohol Awareness Course

Even if you’re perfectly aware of the benefits of taking the Texas Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program, there are several additional reasons for you to enroll and complete the course. Ticket School is all about offering you a variety of benefits within a single step. Part of becoming a better driver is becoming a more informed driver, so inform yourself on the multitude of advantages of completing the online Texas DADAP alcohol awareness course.

Potential Auto Insurance Discounts

Let’s face it, auto insurance can get expensive. But if you’ve already increased your deductible, installed an alarm on your vehicle, and taken defensive driving, yet still find that your auto insurance is too high, come to Ticket School. The DADAP course can help you qualify for another discount on your auto insurance. Our program is designed to make you more aware of the dangers of drug and alcohol use, and auto insurance companies like it when drivers go out of their way to remain safe and more aware while behind the wheel. To better ensure your discount, it’s a good idea to contact your insurance agent or provider to verify that they offer this particular discount.

Resolve Legal Matters

Certain tickets involving drugs and alcohol, such as Minor in Possession (MIP) in Texas, may require the completion of an alcohol awareness program or a drug and alcohol driving awareness course. Whether or not the Ticket School DADAP course will meet your specific requirements depends on your case and situation, so be sure to verify with the court before you register.

Learn How to Protect Yourself While You’re Driving

While you might be aware of the effects of alcohol and drugs on your own driving, can you spot a motorist who is likely under the influence of drugs or alcohol and do you know how to respond safely to avoid an accident? With the number of distractions there are on the road today, not every driver you see swerving on the road has been hitting the bottle. The DADAP course teaches you how to spot an impaired driver to better protect yourself and possibly even other drivers on the road. With this information, you can better avoid being involved in crash, which may require you to pay an unnecessary deductible. Do yourself, your insurance rates, and your finances a favor and sign up for Ticket School’s online Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program.

Continue Your Driver Education

If you’re a TEA licensed driver education instructor, completing an accredited alcohol awareness course counts as continued education. This can be done once every three years, but this doesn’t include instructors who are licensed to teach the DADAP course.

Employer Qualification

Depending on your employer and your position, you might be required to take the DADAP course. This is often the case for employees who operate company vehicles or do professional driving. Not only is the information you learn useful while on the job, you can use it to stay safe when you’re driving your personal vehicle off the clock as well.

Keeping the Roads and the State Safer

The more drivers who enroll in the DADAP course, the safer Texas roads can be. When it comes to prescription medication, many drivers may not realize how impaired their driving performance can be. The Ticket School Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program is designed to teach the dangers of taking illegal drugs and the negative side effects that are common with certain prescription medications. Such side effects include:

  • Sleepiness
  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea
  • Impaired ability to concentrate
  • Slow reflexes

Prescribed and over-the-counter medications known to have these side effects include:

  • Decongestants
  • Tranquilizers
  • Cough medicines
  • Certain antidepressants
  • Narcotic pain pills

By becoming a better informed person and motorist, you learn that it’s a good idea to ask your doctor about driving before you take any of your medications.

To learn more about the DADAP course or any of the other courses offered by Ticket School, call 1-800-558-9887.