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From smartphones, eating, and personal grooming to dashboard console controls, smoking, and pets, there are more driving distractions and dangers today than ever before. Ticket School’s Florida Drug and Alcohol Course seeks to educate drivers on two of the deadliest causes of auto crashes: drugs and alcohol. The Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education course (TLSAE) is designed to improve driver awareness and safety, and is a requirement for all first time drivers in Florida to get their driver’s license Regardless if you have a license or not, there are several things you can learn from a drug and alcohol course.

Learn the Risks

Drivers, especially those who are seeking their first driver’s license, may not understand the full impact of drinking or using drugs and driving. In addition to being involved in a crash that could take their life or the lives of their passengers, some of the most common risks include:

  • Incurring a large fine
  • Loss of employment
  • Starting a criminal record
  • Being punished with a prison sentence
  • Having to complete another driving test to gain back license
  • Increased insurance premiums

Additionally, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can result in a lifetime of guilt over being responsible for another person’s death, injury or disability. Ticket School’s Florida TLSAE course seeks to educate drivers and help them avoid these risks and all others that result from alcohol and drug use.

Learn the Guidelines

The drug and alcohol course teaches abstinence from drinking or using drugs, but also provides important guidelines and alternatives to drivers to help them avoid the pitfalls that likely result in crashes. For instance, drivers can make other travel arrangements, such as public transportation, calling a cab or calling a friend to come pick them up. The course also teaches the student how to be aware for others (possibly their friends) who might be intoxicated or under the influence so that they can keep them from getting behind the wheel and/or riding as a passenger with an impaired driver.

With regards to drugs, Ticket School’s TLSAE course participants will learn the importance of reading pharmaceutical packaging in order to find out about the side effects, such as:

  • Nausea
  • Paranoia
  • Panic attacks
  • Inability to focus
  • Dizziness

Further, drivers should also be sure to ask their doctors about driving while taking medication.
Recognize the Financial Fallout

Besides the potential emotional and physical hardships involved with using and abusing alcohol or drugs, drivers also need to be aware of the financial hardships involved. Some of the fees associated with being convicted of driving while intoxicated are:

  • Bail fees
  • Attorney fees
  • Car towing
  • Driving under the influence programs
  • Court costs

The cost to take a DUI course alone can run anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500. Ticket School seeks to teach drivers that paying for a taxi or the inconvenience of having to pick up their cars after being driven home is nothing compared to the cost of a DUI program combined with the other financial burdens involved with driving impaired.

Besides the driver, others are made to pay in DUI cases. For instance, any other drivers or pedestrians involved in a crash may have to pay for medical bills or insurance deductibles. There’s also a chance a person might lose wages from having to take time off of work while recovering.

Learn About Defensive Driving

Even if a driver doesn’t drink or use drugs while driving, he or she could encounter a driver who does. Ticket School’s Florida Drug and Alcohol course also teaches defensive driving techniques that can be used in the event that other motorists are showing signs that they are inebriated or under the influence. Taking the TLSAE course can be done online, and there’s even a money-back guarantee. Drivers of all ages and experience levels are sure to benefit from completing the DHSMV-approved course.