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In Florida, there are different types of driver improvement courses available for various situations. The ADI (advanced driver improvement) course is for Florida drivers who fit into one of the following situations:

  • Your license is already suspended and you want to get it reinstated.
  • Your license is revoked and you want to apply for a hardship license.
  • You have gotten into 3 accident crashes in a 3 year period and are required to complete an ADI course to keep your license.
  • You have been categorized as an HTO (Habitual Traffic Offender) and want to keep your license.
  • You have been ordered by a judge or court to complete an ADI course.
  • You are an out-of-state driver and received a letter from the Florida DHSMV stating you are required to take the course.


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Is an Advanced Driver Improvement Course Mandatory?

It will largely depend upon your reasons and circumstances. For instance, if your license is suspended and you want to get it reinstated, then you must complete the course prior to getting your license back. In this situation, it is not mandatory to complete the course, but rather a personal choice because you want to be able to have your driver license reinstated.

On the other hand, if a judge or court orders you to complete the course, then this is a mandatory requirement. Failing to do so could affect the outcome of your traffic court case. For example, a judge may waive suspending your license if you complete a 12-hour driver improvement course by a set deadline. However, if you choose not to complete the course, then your license will be suspended.

How Is an Advanced Driver Improvement Course Beneficial?

The primary benefit of completing this 12-hour driver improvement course is it can help keep or get your driving privileges back if they were previously suspended or revoked. Other benefits of completing this course include:

  • The entire 12-hour driver improvement course is online. You do not have to worry about missing working, finding a babysitter, or other such hassles.
  • You can complete the course at your own pace and do not have to do it all in a two day period. Just bear in mind any judge- or court-required deadline dates so you complete it in time. Also keep in mind there are mandatory breaks and some small delays for your responses to be graded by live teacher.
  • You can access content from a variety of internet-capable devices, including smartphones and tablets. You can start the course on a computer and continue it later on your smartphone.
  • You can go back and review course sections as often as needed prior to taking the final exam. There is no limit to the number of times you can review the entire course or specific sections before taking your final exam.
  • The course is approved by the Florida DHSMV. All Florida traffic courts and the Florida DHSMV recognize and accept certificates of completion for this online 12-hour driver improvement course.
  • Completing of the 12-hour driver improvement course is reported on your behalf for most reasons. The only exception is if the course was judge or court ordered. In this case, you would have to present your completion certificate yourself.

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