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Understanding the NYC TLC

The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) places certain new and continuing education requirements on all drivers that are designed to promote safety and reduce accidents. One such requirement is that all drivers complete a Defensive Driving Course every three years. The course must be approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and provide essential information and techniques regarding the safe operation of a motor vehicle. Ticket School can help taxi and limo drivers complete this continuing education requirement 100% online!

TLC Guidelines for Continuing Education and New Applicants

The New York TLC requires the completion of a New York State DMV certified Defensive Driving Course within three years of the renewal application date. In addition to this continuing education requirement, the TLC also states that all new applications must also have completed a certified New York Defensive Driving Course within three years of their application. Ticket School’s online New York Defensive Driving Course is fully approved and accepted for these purposes.

TLC Guidelines for Reducing Critical Driver Points

The New York TLC further states that licensees may attend an approved New York Defensive Driving Course in order to reduce the number of Critical Driver points they have on their licenses. This is important because the TLC will suspend the licenses of drivers who accumulate more than 6 Critical Driver points within a 15-month period and will revoke the licenses of drivers who accumulate more than 10 critical Driver points within that same 15-month period.

However, the TLC will only remove Critical Driver points for violations occurring within the preceding 15 months. Older violations are not eligible for removal. Additionally, the TLC will only reduce Critical Driver points once within an 18-month time period.

Complete Your TLC Requirements Conveniently Online

Ticket School understands how busy New York cab and limo drivers are. The continuing education requirements set forth by the TLC are extremely important for safety; however, they shouldn’t interfere with the driver’s ability to to earn a living while they are completing the New York Defensive Driving Course. That is why Ticket School is proud to offer a convenient, 100% online option.

Our online New York Defensive Driving Course (also commonly referred to as the New York Internet Point Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP)) is a six-hour course that is designed to be convenient to complete according to the participant’s schedule. Work on the course whenever you have free time, day or night, from any internet-connected device including smartphones and tablets. Plus there are no apps or software to download and the course is compatible with all operating systems.

For more information about Ticket School’s online New York Defensive Driving Course please visit our course page and FAQs page. Once you are ready you can quickly and conveniently register online. However, if you have any additional questions or need any assistance please call us at 1 (800) 558-9887 during regular business hours, 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM EST Monday through Friday.