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Completing a Texas defensive driving online course is
beneficial in several different situations. For starters, you may benefit from
completing the course if the court or magistrate allows you to do so to have a
traffic ticket dismissed. Traffic ticket dismissal also prevents points from
being added to your driver license.

It is a good idea to take this online course if you
already have some previous driving infractions and points on your license.
Doing so could help prevent you from losing your license. Not to mention, it
will keep your insurance rates from going up, yet again, due to another traffic

Another reason to complete a Texas defensive driving
online course is to qualify for an auto insurance rate reduction. Many
insurance companies in Texas offer drivers as much as 10% off their insurance
premiums for completing a defensive driving online course.

The rate reduction is good for three years. At the end
of the three years, you just retake the Texas defensive driving online course
to requalify for your insurance rate discount.

A third reason to take a defensive driving online
course is if you are a bad driver. The online course teaches essential basic
skills to help you become a better driver. By improving your driving habits,
you can help reduce the risks of getting into an accident.

For more information about the benefits of a Texas
defensive driving online course, the course basics, troublesome actions, and
advantages of our online course, we invite you to continue reviewing the
following infographic.

Afterward, feel free to browse our online course selections for Texas and register for the ones that would benefit you the most. If you have further questions or need help registering, contact Ticket School directly to speak with one of our friendly representatives today!

Texas Defensive Driving Online Course infographic