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Insuring teen drivers has changed dramatically with the advance of new technological distractions readily available behind the wheel. An accident prevention course can lay a solid foundation for staying safe driving. It’s not about impinging on the fun and excitement of this rite of passage for your child. It’s about understanding the responsibility of being focused on the road.

Car insurance has increased, too, which reflects this evolving landscape. It’s even more expensive for a young person trying to make it on their own. Vehicle prices have gone up, as well, making that teen dream of owning a car a little harder to reach.

One thing is obvious. Parents need to take control of the wheel and teach their children good driving habits. That means setting some ground rules to cut down on distractions. Teens need to understand the importance of paying attention to the road and not their phones or other passengers while driving.

This infographic from Ticket School lays out the facts about insuring teenage drivers. Owning and operating a vehicle is much more expensive today than it was in your day. That includes the cost of insurance whether you put them on your policy or they get on their own.

The best thing you can do as a parent is to provide wise guidance about making good choices. Sometimes it involves creating strict rules when it comes to their use of the car. It only takes one text with that moment of distraction—but, rest assured, it isn’t just you playing the tough guy.

Teens need to know that mom’s rules for the car aren’t just her idea; they are the law. After all, the ultimate goal is to keep everyone free from harm. At Ticket School, we can give your teen the valuable skills he or she needs to be a safe, defensive driver. Our driving courses will lead your teen on the right path to safety.

Let us help you and your teen navigate the roads safely. Call us today at (800) 558-9887 to learn more about our driving courses.

Teen Drivers - Special Considerations Infographic