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Online driving courses is a broad topic in Texas, since there are so many different courses with various applications and a number of wonderful advantages. Some courses can help you get a ticket dismissed, others may be required by a court for another type of infraction, while others may help get discounts on your auto insurance or actually teach you how to drive to get a license.  We are going to focus on two important courses, the Texas online defensive driving course and the Texas online drug and alcohol driving awareness course (DADAP).

Choosing an Online Texas Driving Courses

Since there are so many different courses, that can be taken for different reasons the first thing to determine is what you are trying to accomplish.  Whether you are someone that is trying to get your first driver’s license, or a seasoned driver that recently received a ticket, there is a course for your needs that can provide new skills and important safety information. If you are trying to get your first driver’s license you will need to find a state approved Driver Education course.  As mentioned, the two courses we are going to cover are the Texas Online Defensive Driving Course and the Texas Online Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Course, which are focused on post license drivers.  If you need either of these courses, you first want to make sure it is state approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).  There are many generic courses out there that claim to be approved so make sure you look for the TDLR approval before registering. The state of Texas allows both the defensive driving course and the DADAP courses to be completed online.

Benefits of Ticket School’s Online Safety Courses

The two Texas driving courses that Ticket School offers online have a number of excellent benefits, including:

  • Texas allows you to take a defensive driving course (a.k.a. Driver safety course) once every 12 months for a traffic citation. The benefit is that taking the course keeps the ticket off your record, which can be helpful in the event that you get future tickets.
  • Texas courts require the completion of an Alcohol Awareness Course for certain drug or alcohol related citations. The Texas Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program (DADAP) is one of those courses.  The benefit to this course is that it is available online to meet those court requirements.
  • Many insurance companies offer significant discounts to anyone who has completed a defensive driving course and/or a drug and alcohol awareness program. The discount for driving safety courses can be upwards of 10% and lasts for three years. The discount for the drug and alcohol course is typically less (5%).  Not every insurance company offers these discounts, so it is important to check with your provider prior to registration.
  • Avoid travel time, child care, and expensive gas prices by taking either the DADAP or defensive driving courses online in the comfort of your own home. This is great for busy schedules and saving money on the hidden costs of in-person driving classes.
  • Both courses allow you to log in and out when convenient for you. The course picks up where you left off.
  • The Ticket School defensive driving course offers free emailed certificates.  The drug and alcohol course requires a mailed certificate.  Make sure you consider that when taking your course to make sure you complete before any court-appointed deadlines.

Get Started with Online DADAP and Defensive Driving Courses in Texas

Texas defensive driving course

As shown, there are some great advantages to be gained by taking your Texas defensive driving course online or the drug and alcohol awareness course through Ticket School. Many people find taking a class online is even more conducive to their learning style than attending a physical classroom. Even if you have never taken an online course before, now is the perfect time to start!

Ticket School is a leading provider of state-approved online driving courses. Our state and court approved online courses are designed to meet the exact requirements of each state.  We are currently approved in Texas, Florida, Virginia, New York, Michigan, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Missouri. Each state and course has different requirements for how the completion is reported or how a certificate of completion works.  Some state have certificate of completion while others do not.  Some completions are reported electronically to the state or DMV, while others are not.  It is very important that you follow the information provided by the state or course as well as the instructions provided in the course to help you make sure you get the proper credit and meet your needs.

Our courses are quick and easy and come with full customer support from Ticket School. Our prices are as low as state laws allow in most cases, and you can get started today. Browse the available driving courses here, and then register online today or contact us with any questions!