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What Need Know Drug and Alcohol

Florida drivers, or potential drivers, may need to take the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course for a variety of reasons. For example course attendance may be ordered by a court or judge in response to a drug or alcohol related offense. However, the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course isn’t just for people who have had their license suspended. The course is also required for people who are getting their Florida licenses for the first time.

When you sign up for Ticket School’s Drug and Alcohol Course, here is what you can expect.

The Florida Florida Drug and Alcohol Course Makes You a Safer Driver

The Florida Drug and Alcohol Course from Ticket School contains essential information designed to make drivers safer and more responsible behind the wheel. The course contains information about the effects that drugs and alcohol have on drivers operating motor vehicles, helping participants to understand the dangers of operating a vehicle while impaired. The Florida Drug and Alcohol course contains specific information and statistics about the penalties for drunk driving, as well as the tragedies that can occur when operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The course also helps to debunk some pervasive myths.

The Florida Drug and Alcohol Course is Required for New Drivers

All new drivers in the state of Florida are required to take a Drug and Alcohol Course (a.k.a. Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course). This only applies to individuals who are getting their first driver’s license, not those who have had a license previously and let it lapse, or who have a license in another state that they wish to transfer to Florida. Many of the individuals who take the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course are thus teens who are studying for a learner’s permit or license. However, Ticket School’s course is designed for new drivers of all ages to receive valuable, relatable information.

You Don’t Have to Spend Time in a Classroom

The Florida Drug and Alcohol Course from Ticket School can be completed without ever setting foot in a classroom or even leaving the comfort of your home. The course and all the required materials are available online and are designed to be completed on a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or mobile device. This allows students to complete the four-hour course according to their own schedule. It can be done all at once or in smaller increments if needed. The freedom to set your own schedule is a major benefit for busy course participants of all ages!

The Florida Drug and Alcohol Course Is Affordable

Ticket School is committed to offering great courses at an affordable price. In fact our Florida Drug and Alcohol course even comes with our great, lowest-price guarantee. This means that if you find a state-approved Florida Drug and Alcohol Course offered for a lower price, just let us know and we will beat the price. Plus, the course comes with a money-back guarantee that participants can take advantage of if they are not completely satisfied with the course experience and have not already finished the course or been disqualified.

You Can Study on Your Own Time

Not everyone learns at the same rate or experiences the same degree of ease or difficulty with some material. This is a major problem in conventional classroom settings where some students may be bored during one section of the course or scrambling to keep up during another. Fortunately, Ticket School’s Florida Drug and Alcohol course is designed to give customers the freedom to learn at their own pace.

Likewise, not everyone has the same schedule or likes to keep the same hours. Since the Florida Drug and Alcohol course is 100% online, this means that early birds have the freedom to knock out a few sections in the morning before work or school, while night owls can power through the course during the wee hours of the night when they might be at their best.

Ticket School is proud to offer the Florida Drug and Alcohol course at a great price, in a convenient, high quality format that is compatible with all internet-connected devices. For more information please give us a call at 1-800-558-9887 or visit our course page. Ready to sign up? Simply click the register button at the top of the page.