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The main reason to take a defensive driving course is that it is a great way to improve your driving skills and guarantee your safety on the road.

Depending on your state’s regulations, taking a defensive driving course can also provide additional valuable benefits such as reducing points on your record, dismissing tickets, and even lowering insurance premiums. But what exactly is “defensive” driving?

Defensive driving refers to a set of safe driving skills that can help drivers be as prepared as possible for potential road hazards, such as crashes and bad weather. In a defensive driving course, drivers will learn (or brush up on) important driving skills such as reacting to other drivers, avoiding distractions, speed control, and more.

But why take a defensive driving course if you’ve already learned these skills in driving school? While you may already be well versed in many safe driving techniques, a defensive driving course can help you further improve them while potentially teaching you new skills you might have missed. Also, many people know what they should or shouldn’t do behind the wheel but still drive unsafely. Why? Quality defensive driving courses get into that.

Of course, becoming a safer driver isn’t the only benefit of taking a defensive driving course: Depending on your state, taking the course can also reduce points on your record, dismiss tickets, and even lower your insurance premiums. Clearly, everyone has something to gain from learning defensive driving!

Most defensive driving courses are taken online and are available 24/7. To learn more about defensive driving courses and how they can help make you a safer driver, check out the infographic below or go to to enroll in an online defensive driving course today!

Is a Defensive Driving Course Worth It Infographic

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