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Great Customer Service with Online Courses

Online courses are different from both on-campus courses and other types of online services. People of all ages and walks of life use online courses to receive information that can help them advance their careers, learn new skills, or gain needed certifications such as is the case with the online driving courses offered by Ticket School. This makes the role of customer service representatives and great customer service in general extremely important. While there are a huge number of reasons why great customer service is a must for any company, let’s take a look at three big reasons why it is so important for online courses.

Course Takers Are Paying Customers and Deserve to be Treated with Respect

People who sign up for online courses do so for a variety of reasons. For example they may need a course that fits into their unique lifestyles. Perhaps they need to remain home with children during the day or evening. Perhaps they live too far away from a classroom-based driving course. Maybe they simply prefer the flexibility of online courses or find that they are better able to focus on the material in a comfortable, familiar home environment. Regardless of the reason they enroll in an online course, these individuals are often very aware of how much they’re paying for the program, because they generally have to pay out-of-pocket. For this reason, great customer service should come from employees who understand the financial and other sacrifices customers make to enroll in the program.

Reputation Matters

Ticketschool has a reputation as a quality course provider that provides great courses and great service. In our increasingly interconnected, always-on society more and more people are turning to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp and other specialized forums to validate a company’s reputation. This is true of brick and mortar institutions, but it is particularly relevant to online-centric companies such as Ticket School and other online driving course providers. This means that great customer service can mean the difference between a highly public good or bad review, and the consequences that accompany such a review.

Technical Support Issues Do Happen

Unfortunately the nature of technology is that there a wide variety of different web enabled devices with different browsers, custom settings, and operating systems. It is the course provider’s responsibility to make sure that each user’s driving course works for their setup. Unfortunately regardless of what we do, a very small percentage of users may need technical support for a particular issue, and that is when having a quality customer service staff is so important.

At Ticket School we are committed to providing consistently outstanding customer service. Just because our courses are convenient and offered 100% online does not mean that our customers are in any way on their own when they face a problem or have a concern. Our friendly, knowledgeable US-based customer service team is on standby to provide support and guidance every step of the way.