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Interested in getting your New York driver license but didn’t complete a driver education course in high school or college? Or you did complete driver education but the completion has expired (over 2 years old)? Not to worry: You can still get your driver license at any age by taking a five-hour pre-licensing course!

The first step in obtaining a New York driver license is to obtain a learner’s permit, which will allow you to practice supervised driving as you prepare for your road test. The next step is to complete a 5-hour pre-licensing course as required by the New York DMV, if you didn’t already take a driver education course. If you did complete driver education but the completion has expired (over 2 years old) then you are still required to complete the pre-licensing course. If you did, then the pre-licensing course is not required.

Note: The 5-hour pre-licensing course does not prepare you for the behind the wheel driving test. It provides you with very useful information that is extremely helpful, especially to a new driver, in improving driving safety. If you are over 18, you have the option of taking the pre-licensing course online instead of in a live classroom.

After completing a pre-licensing course, your completion will be reported to the New York DMV system. However, you’ll need supervised driving practice behind the wheel. If you are under 18 and have a class DJ or MJ learner’s permit, you are required to complete a minimum of 50 hours of supervised driving. If you are over 18 and don’t have a DJ or MJ permit, then you are still highly encouraged to complete 50 hours of supervised driving, but it is not required.

The final step is preparing for and passing your road test. If you are under 18, you must wait at least 6 months from getting your permit to schedule your road test. All road tests require proficiency in basic driving skills such as steering and braking, following traffic laws, and parking—just to name a few. Hopefully through your supervised driving practice, you are proficient and ready in these areas. Once you pass your DMV driving test, you’ll be granted a full driver license!

Go to to enroll in the online pre-licensing course (if eligible) and ready to go.  For more information on New York pre-licensing courses and everything else you need to obtain a New York driver license, check out the infographic below or call Ticket School at (800) 558-9887 with any questions.

How to Get Your Driver License in New York Infographic

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