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Taking and Completing the Florida ADI

The Florida Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) Course from Ticket School is a convenient, Florida DHSMV-approved course that can be completed to help Florida drivers who have suspended or revoked driver licenses get their licenses reinstated or to meet the requirements of a judge- or court-order for a 12-hour driver improvement course. The ADI course we offer has been designed to be as intuitive and engaging as possible. However, we want our customers to know what to expect before they take the course so that they are as informed and prepared as possible. Here’s what you can expect when taking the Florida Advanced Driver Improvement Course through Ticket

A 100% Online Course with Great Compatibility

When you sign up for Ticket School’s Florida ADI course you can expect a 100% online experience with great mobile compatibility. There will be no need to drive across town to a physical classroom and you can work on your ADI course any time of the day or night on any internet-connected device.

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

The system will also automatically save your progress after each page of the course that you complete. That means that if you start working on the course from one device you can pick up right where you left off on another device and your progress will automatically be synced up.

Planning for the Florida ADI Course

Ticket School’s Florida ADI course is designed to be as convenient and flexible as possible, allowing people to work on the course whenever they have free time according to their own schedules. However, it is still important to know what to expect in terms of course length so that you can properly plan and manage your time to have the course completed by your court- or judge-ordered deadline.

The Florida ADI course is a 12-hour course. After each hour of the course there will be a 10-minute break. This time is included in the 12-hour estimate. Thus the course will consist of 10.5 hours of instructional time with a mandatory minimum of 1.5 hours of break time. These times are legally required by the Florida DMV and it is not possible to complete the instructional time more quickly than that or to skip the breaks.

In addition, after the first 6 hours of instruction time Florida law requires a mandatory 24-hour waiting period before participants can begin the remaining 6 hours of instruction time. It is not possible to skip or reduce this 24-hour waiting period. Thus it is crucial to plan accordingly and make sure that you have time to complete the 12-hour course with the 24-hour waiting period before your course deadline.

Work on the Florida ADI Course at Your Own Pace

While we mentioned the fastest you can complete the course; it is most important to finish the course before your deadline. There actually is no limit on how long you can take to finish the course. If you only want to work on the course for a few minutes each day, or skip a few days or weeks between sessions that is completely up to you. There also is no limit to the number of times or frequency that you can login.

Florida ADI Course Content and Format

The Florida ADI course at will consist of a variety of different types of content to help keep you engaged and improve learning and retention of the information. Rather than long, tedious reading passages, you can instead expect things like relevant video segments, high quality animations, as well as text-based passages. The course will also feature study questions designed to gauge attention and learning. Each study question will require a minimum 50-word response and these responses will be evaluated by an actual person. It is thus very important to pay attention to the course and do your best on the questions.

Call Ticket School for Assistance

If you experience any problems while taking the course or have any questions or concerns, Ticket School wants to help. Our friendly, US-based representatives are waiting to assist you and can be reached by calling 1-800-558-9887 between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm EST, Monday-Friday. If you have any questions about registering for the ADI course or what to expect after completing the course make sure to check out our other articles, browse our FAQs page, or of course give us a call.