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Even though there have been fewer vehicles on the roads, with more people working from home and students attending virtual schools, you still must obey traffic laws when driving. People need a break to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air or drive to public areas to get out of the house for a bit in a socially distanced environment.

People also drive when they need essential items like groceries, gas, medicines, and so on. Just because the roads might seem less congested or you get stuck at a traffic light that takes an eternity to change, it does not mean you can break the law by speeding or running a red light.

If you do and are caught on a red-light traffic camera or by a police officer, you could be facing a ticket. The best way to avoid getting tickets is by using these great tips that are applicable whether it’s during this COVID-19 situation or not!

1. Wear your seatbelt. Always put on your seatbelt before starting the vehicle.

2. Check and adjust your mirrors. Before pulling away, check your rear and side mirrors to make sure they are adjusted correctly.

3. Adjust your seat. Make sure you can easily touch the gas and brake pedals and clutch if you are driving a manual.

4. Put the phone down. Don’t get caught texting or using your phone while driving. Put it out of arms reach so you are not tempted to check it! Most modern vehicles have hands-free assistance so you can text, chat, and change the music without having to pick up the phone.

5. Obey all traffic laws, speed limits, etc. It can be tempting to run a light that just changed red when there is no traffic or drive faster because there are fewer vehicles on the road. However, you should still practice good driving habits to get safely where you need to go.

6. Take an online traffic school course. Some of us may have some extra time on our hands right now so it could be an opportunity to brush up on defensive driving skills by completing a defensive driving course through an online traffic school. You might even qualify for an insurance discount too!

What Should I Do if I Am Stopped by the Police?

Two police vehicles stop a sedan on a routine traffic stop

The police want to social distance themselves from others as much as possible. You should put on a face mask that covers your mouth and nose before the officer approaches your vehicle. Follow the instructions provided by the officer as they will instruct you specifically on how to handle the stop to protect them and you. Carefully pass your driver’s license and insurance card out the window to the officer if they are requested.

If you are issued a ticket, contact your local municipality about online options for resolving the matter. Most municipalities and counties have instructions on the ticket that allow you to take care of the ticket via phone or online, regardless of how you plan to handle it (pay for it, take a traffic school course, etc.). If the ticket is not clear and you have questions you can always call to speak to the court handling your citation and ask if you can complete traffic school online to have your ticket forgiven.

If so, then ask what courses you need to complete through a traffic school online. The courses you need to complete can vary, based on the type of moving violation. For instance, you might only be required to complete a defensive driving course for minor infractions, whereas, for drug and alcohol violations, you could also be required to take a drug and alcohol awareness class online.

Of course, the best ways to avoid being stopped by the police and potentially getting a ticket when leaving home is to be extra careful to follow all rules of the road, especially the speed limits.

To find out more about our state-approved online traffic school courses and to enroll, please feel free to explore our website or contact Ticket School at (800) 558-9887 for further assistance today!